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If you’re one of the numerous visitors who come to Costa Rica hoping to have some amazing experiences with local animals, this post is for you. We cordially invite you to explore the enthralling domain of Costa Rica’s top national parks, where luxuriant rainforests and various landscapes provide a haven for an incredible diversity of fauna. 

These parks offer visitors a look into the astounding diversity of life on Earth, with captivating wildlife sightings such as colorful birds fluttering over the trees, joyful monkeys frolicking in their natural habitat, the peaceful beauty of sloths hanging languidly from branches, and so much more. A thrilling encounter with the wonders of the wild awaits you every minute as we travel through some of Costa Rica’s most renowned national parks.

Exploring Costa Rica’s National Parks

A jaguar walking through dense vegetation in a sunlit forest. The jaguar's distinctive golden coat with black rosettes is prominent, and its powerful build is evident as it moves stealthily. The background includes rocks and various green plants, highlighting the natural habitat of this majestic predator.
Costa Rica’s national parks are enchanting havens of biodiversity, showcasing vibrant wildlife and exemplifying the country’s dedication to conservation.

Costa Rica national parks are magical places that will make you feel like you are stepping into a living, breathing encyclopedia of life, where every trail holds the promise of encountering fascinating wildlife. 

From the vibrant plumage of tropical birds to the mesmerizing movements of primates swinging through the canopy, each moment spent in these ecological gems is a testament to the country’s unparalleled commitment to conservation. Our most recommended ones are:


Manuel Antonio National Park

A white-faced capuchin monkey perched on a tree branch amidst lush green palm fronds. The monkey has a curious expression, with its white face and dark body contrasting against the bright, sunlit leaves. The background shows a vibrant and dense tropical forest, typical of its natural habitat.
Manuel Antonio National Park offers a unique and immersive experience with diverse environments and frequent wildlife encounters.

Manuel Antonio National Park may be home to numerous plant and animal species unique to Costa Rica. Its environments include coral reefs, coastal lagoons, mangroves, and tropical rainforests. Against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal panoramas, visitors are treated to an immersive experience where interactions with iconic species like sloths, capuchin monkeys, and colorful toucans are frequent. 

The park’s well-kept paths take hikers through a maze of enormous trees, resonating with the sounds of far-off birds and animals moving through the undergrowth. Manuel Antonio National Park is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. It is a sanctuary where nature’s wonders flourish, offering breathtaking experiences such as watching a scarlet macaw in flight or marveling at the acrobatics of playful squirrel monkeys.


Corcovado National Park

Two scarlet macaws perched closely together on a tree branch in a lush tropical forest. The vibrant red, blue, and yellow feathers of the macaws stand out against the green leaves surrounding them. The macaws appear to be grooming each other, displaying a bond and affection in their natural habitat.
Corcovado National Park offers wildlife lovers a chance to encounter tapirs, jaguars, and tropical birds.

Tucked away on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park is a wildlife lover’s paradise, a vast rainforest refuge which are widely recognized as one of the planet’s most ecologically dense areas. 

It spans a remarkable range of ecosystems, including deep primary forests, mangrove swamps, and immaculate beaches. Here, among the tall trees and dense underbrush, a fascinating variety of animals, such as lively tapirs, secretive jaguars, and a rainbow of tropical birds, flourishes in profusion. 

For those who love animals and conservation, Corcovado National Park is an unmatched destination because of its secluded setting and unspoiled wildness, which provide a unique chance to see nature in its most unadulterated state.


Tortuguero National Park

A colorful toucan sitting on a tree branch in a tropical forest. The toucan's large, curved beak is striking, with bright colors contrasting with its black, red, and yellow feathers. The bird appears to be holding a piece of fruit in its beak. The background is lush with dense green foliage, capturing the vibrant and diverse environment of the forest.
Tortuguero National Park is renowned for its nesting green sea turtles and diverse species, which can be observed on boat tours through its canals and lagoons.

Found along the northeastern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park is a beautiful refuge where wildlife flourishes. The breathtaking sight of nesting green sea turtles on Tortuguero’s immaculate beaches draws tourists to this well-known location, which is one of the most significant nesting grounds for these critically endangered sea turtles in the world. 

Beyond this amazing sight, boat trips through the park’s convoluted system of canals and lagoons entice visitors in search of sightings of jaguars, toucans, and river otters flourishing among the thick greenery, to mention a few.


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde National Park gives an enthralling chance to see the wonders of Costa Rica’s cloud forests with its ethereal ambiance and unmatched biodiversity. Perched atop Costa Rica’s foggy Tilarán Mountain Range, this unique national park calls to wildlife devotees. 

A staggering variety of plants and animals may be found in this lush preserve, almost 2.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity, including more than 400 species of birds, 161 species of amphibians and reptiles, and more than 100 species of mammals.


Arenal Volcano National Park

Located in Costa Rica’s northern lowlands, Arenal Volcano National Park offers striking scenery of verdant rainforests meeting the commanding silhouette of one of the nation’s most famous volcanoes. With several habitats offering safety to a wide range of animals, this dynamic ecosystem is a paradise for wildlife lovers. 

Along the park’s pathways, visitors can encounter pumas, jaguars, spider and howler monkeys, three-wattled bellbirds, and many more. The park’s rich biodiversity comes to life against the spectacular backdrop of Arenal, providing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the glories of Costa Rica’s unadulterated splendor of volcanic landscapes.


Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is a fascinating place located in the northwest of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region. A wide variety of fauna may be found in this varied habitat, including vivid bird species like kinkajous, armadillos, monkeys, and more than 300 species of birds, just to give you an idea of what awaits you there. 

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is the perfect place for explorers and wildlife enthusiasts to witness the wonders of vibrantly alive volcanic landscapes since it provides an exhilarating dive into Costa Rica’s natural heritage.


Palo Verde National Park

A large iguana resting on a tree branch in a tropical forest. The iguana has distinctive orange spikes along its back and a rough, scaly skin texture that blends with the earthy tones of its surroundings. The background features dense, green foliage, emphasizing the lush and vibrant environment of the forest. The iguana appears calm and well-camouflaged in its natural habitat.
Palo Verde National Park is a biodiversity-rich haven offering birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts close encounters with a variety of bird species, crocodiles, iguanas, and jaguars.

Nestled along the Tempisque River in northwest Costa Rica, Palo Verde National Park reveals itself as a biodiversity-rich animal haven. Its vast marshes and dry woodlands serve as an essential home for an astounding array of bird species, such as vivid scarlet macaws, regal storks, and beautiful herons. 

Boat cruises down the river provide visitors to this unspoiled environment with up-close experiences with crocodiles, iguanas, and even the evasive jaguars that roam the riverbanks. Palo Verde National Park, a must-visit location for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, offers an unmatched chance to view Costa Rica’s complex tapestry of habitats and plentiful species.


Santa Rosa National Park

Costa Rica’s Santa Rosa National Park is a symbol of the nation’s dedication to biodiversity and conservation. One of Costa Rica’s first national parks, it has a rare combination of savannas, immaculate beaches, and dry tropical woods, providing a sanctuary for a wide variety of animals. 

Located in the northwest district of Guanacaste, it offers visitors the opportunity to see iconic animals like coatis, colorful parrots, and white-faced monkeys, among many others. Moreover, olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles use the park’s immaculate coastline as a nesting site, providing a unique chance to see these amazing animals in their native environment.


Tenorio Volcano National Park

Two white-faced capuchin monkeys sitting among the green palm fronds of a tropical tree. One monkey is perched higher on the tree trunk, while the other sits on a branch below. Both monkeys have alert expressions, and their white faces and dark bodies stand out against the vibrant green foliage.
Tenorio Volcano National Park combines lush rainforests and volcanic landscapes.

Situated in the northern region of Costa Rica, Tenorio Volcano National Park offers a stunning scenery of lush rainforests and volcanic topography coming together to form a wildlife paradise. Numerous species may be found in this biodiverse refuge, including sloths, capuchin monkeys, vibrant birds like quetzals, bare-necked umbrellabirds, toucans, and more. 

The Rio Celeste’s breathtaking blue waters, the park’s focal point, contribute to the attraction and offer a lovely setting for seeing animals. Tenorio Volcano National Park is an unmatched chance to explore the marvels of Costa Rica’s wildness, with its rich biodiversity and spectacular natural landscape.


Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is a natural refuge where the blue waves of the Caribbean Sea meet the deep tropical jungle. This biodiverse sanctuary provides an amazing chance to see a variety of species against the breathtaking background of the shore. When strolling along the park’s pathways, visitors may see colorful reef fish swimming through the pristine waters of its coral reefs, lively toucans flying among the vegetation, and fun howler monkeys swinging among the trees. 

Cahuita National Park offers an unparalleled experience for both nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, thanks to its astounding natural beauty and vast biodiversity. It is an essential trip for anybody looking to fully immerse themselves in Costa Rica’s tropical delights.

From the misty cloud forests of Monteverde to the pristine beaches of Tortuguero, each national park listed above holds its unique treasures, providing unforgettable encounters with beautiful wildlife. Whether you’re marveling at the sight of nesting sea turtles, traversing lush rainforest trails in search of secretive jaguars, or witnessing the majestic spectacle of a scarlet macaw in flight, Costa Rica’s national parks never fail to inspire awe and wonder. 

As you plan your adventure, be sure to check out our vacation rentals for your stay in Costa Rica, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience as you explore the wonders of this biodiverse paradise.

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