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When searching for a golf course with unparalleled beauty and challenge, players should check out Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club. This exclusive golf club in Costa Rica offers golfers of all abilities an amazing experience with mesmerizing views of the ocean, lush surroundings, and first-rate amenities. In the guide that follows, we’ll cover all there is to know about Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club, from its stunning layout to practical details like prices and amenities.


Overview of Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club

The image shows a well-maintained golf course with lush green fairways and strategically placed sand bunkers. The sky is partly cloudy, creating a scenic backdrop for the course. Trees line the horizon, adding to the natural beauty of the setting. The sand bunkers are prominent in the foreground, showcasing their clean, white sand and neatly trimmed edges.
Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club offers a challenging yet serene golf experience with diverse natural landscapes.

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club boasts an 18-hole championship golf course set amidst the picturesque and exquisite surroundings of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province. Designed by renowned golf architect Mike Young, the golf course skillfully blends natural features like marshes, woodlands, and seaside views to produce a demanding yet peaceful game of golf. With a different mix of strategy and design on every hole, golfers can expect an amazing tour through the region’s many ecosystems.



The image is an aerial view of a scenic coastal area featuring a golf course surrounded by lush greenery. The coastline includes pristine beaches with turquoise waters, and there are hilly terrains covered with dense trees. The golf course is visible with its green fairways and bunkers, blending beautifully with the natural landscape. In the background, there are more hills and a calm, expansive body of water, likely a bay or ocean, under a partly cloudy sky.
Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club offers a stunning setting with lush tropical landscapes and proximity to popular tourist sites like Tamarindo and Liberia.

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club is ideally situated in the stunning area of Guanacaste on Costa Rica’s pristine Pacific coast. This renowned golf club provides an incredible setting for players to enjoy their rounds amidst the natural beauty of the vicinity. 

It is surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and bordered by the turquoise waves of the Pacific Ocean. Golf aficionados and tourists alike will find Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club to be an excellent option due to its convenient location close to well-known tourist sites like Tamarindo and Liberia, which offer quick access to a plethora of sights, activities, and facilities.


Course Design and Features

The image captures a golfer in mid-swing, hitting a shot from a sand bunker. The golfer is wearing a white cap, a gray shirt, black pants, and white golf shoes. The focus of the shot is on the golfer's powerful swing, with the sand flying and the golf ball prominently blurred in motion, indicating a strong impact. The background shows a lush green landscape under a clear blue sky, suggesting a sunny day on the golf course.
This 7,300-yard course offers a thrilling game with meticulously maintained fairways, strategic bunkers, water hazards, and varied tee boxes.

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club’s 7,300 yards of immaculately maintained fairways and greens provide players the opportunity to test their technique. The course’s carefully thought-out bunker placement, water hazards, and rolling topography make for a thrilling and interesting game for players. 

Each course has various tee boxes, allowing golfers to customize their experience to fit their skill level. Notable holes include the signature par-3 15th, with stunning ocean views and requires a precise shot over a natural ravine, as well as the challenging par-4 18th, where golfers must navigate a narrow fairway bordered by dense vegetation to reach the green.


Cost and Tee Time Information

To accommodate a range of budgets and tastes, Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club offers a number of price alternatives. Green fees are often between $100 and $150 each round, with resort visitors, locals, and members frequently receiving a discount. Furthermore, individuals organizing several rounds or group vacations may find additional value in golf packages and special deals.

Tee times may be scheduled in advance via the pro shop directly or on the club website. Peak tee times tend to fill up fast, especially during the busy season from December to April. To guarantee your chosen playing time, you should make your reservation well in advance.


Amenities and Facilities

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club provides a number of facilities and amenities alongside its championship golf course. For extra convenience, the clubhouse has shower and locker rooms in addition to a pro store with top-notch gear and clothing. Also, GPS-enabled golf carts are available to help golfers find their way around the course and monitor their progress.

Players are welcome to relax and indulge in culinary pleasures at the club’s on-site restaurant after a game of golf, as it serves a varied menu of regional and international cuisine along with refreshing drinks and scenic views of the surrounding area that you won’t want to miss.

Golfers looking for an incredible experience in Costa Rica will find Hacienda Pinilla Golf Club to be a top choice because of its breathtaking natural beauty, difficult course, and first-rate amenities. This prestigious golf club provides the ideal balance of thrills, relaxation, and adventure for both experienced players and first-time enthusiasts amid the stunning Guanacaste scenery.

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The image shows a charming, tropical-style house with an inviting swimming pool in the foreground. The pool is lit, casting a serene glow on the surrounding area. The house has an open design with large windows and a covered patio area furnished with tables and chairs. Lush greenery, including palm trees and various plants, surrounds the property, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The sky above is clear and filled with stars, indicating it is nighttime. The overall scene is peaceful and idyllic, perfect for a relaxing retreat.

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