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November 25, 2018

Catamaran Sailing Trip: A Must Do in Playa Flamingo

There are many companies offering catamaran tours and charters in the Flamingo Beach and Tamarindo areas of Costa Rica.  As a result, it is not always easy to determine which companies offer the best combination of value and safety.  Special Places of Costa Rica is pleased to recommend Lazy Lizard as the best rated of them all.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of beauty, from its rainforests, home to big cats, monkeys and seemingly millions of birds to its black and white sand beaches caressed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean
or the Caribbean Sea (depending on which coast you’re on!).

Playa Flamingo is one of the ¨Special Places of Costa Rica¨.  It is situated on the northwest coast of the country, in Guanacaste province, and one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations. The warm waves lapping the beaches are from the Pacific Ocean. Vacation rentals here are as you can imagine quite popular.

For those who like ocean views but don’t care to be on the water, there’s horseback ridinghiking, and even ziplining!  Of course you could just relax on one of the many sparkling white sand beaches.  In fact, soaking in the rays while enjoying the view of whitecaps on the waves and the boats in the distance is a sublime experience.

Playa Flamingo’s crystal blue waters are welcoming for swimmers, of course, as well as snorkelers and scuba divers. Beachbound visitors will have a view of a variety of watercraft – from powerboats catering to sports fishing enthusiasts to sleek catamarans enjoyed by those who wish a relaxing, almost spiritual tour of the coastline.

Catamaran Tours and Charters

A catamaran is a unique-looking ship with two hulls, so it is very stable on even rough water.  An impressive watercraft, a catamaran with its sails raised is a striking sight to see, and the sound of the wind filling the sails of the catamaran while birds soar overhead is like nothing else on earth.

Though the variety of tours and charters vary, the average length of catamaran sailing trip lasts for about four hours. Passengers relax with drinks and snacks and enjoy a view of the coastline that only a sailing trip can provide. The entire coast is visible, from the beaches to mysterious inlets to peninsulas lined with gorgeous greenery.

In addition to exploring the coast, a catamaran sailing trip will also drop anchor at a quiet beach.  This allows passengers to try snorkeling or paddling around in a kayak.  Experience the sea life below, the birds circling overhead and the attentive ship’s crew at your side.  It’s a truly amazing couple of hours in paradise.

If you’re visiting Playa Flamingo and taking advantage of a vacation rental there, be sure to book a catamaran sailing trip for a sailing experience you’ll remember forever.  The memories you’ll have of your catamaran tour will call you back to this country again and again.

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