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Category Archives: Property Management

Modern Marketing by Special Places
Modern Marketing by Special ...
Discover the best places to surf in Costa Rica with this list of awesome beaches and surfing towns along the Pacific Coast and Caribbean Coast. ...
Apr 30, 2022 , 0
Homeowners Insurance in Costa Rica: Get It Before You Need It
Homeowners Insurance in Cost...
Insurance is sort of like gambling, only gambling in reverse. In Las Vegas, you get a big payday if something good happens. In insurance, you ...
Nov 10, 2021 , 0
Vacation Rental Photography Tips & Tricks
Vacation Rental Photography ...
A good photo tells a story. It inspires and persuades. People don’t buy because of logic. They buy based on emotions. You can talk a ...
Jun 05, 2019 , 0
How to be a Super Host!
How to be a Super Host!
Elle was not always a super host.  She has gone through the usual trials and errors that most people do that approach the vacation rental ...
Jan 25, 2017 , 0
Offering a Full Welcoming Space
Offering a Full Welcoming Sp...
Exceptional hospitality can come through in a lot of ways, but it most definitely starts with a clean space. And while cleaning might not be ...
Jan 16, 2017 , 3

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