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March 23, 2017

What is a good restaurant near Potrero?

For terrific breakfast fare, try The Surf Box, about 150m south of the BNCR Bank, which is located where the main route 911 splits into the fork to Potrero on the right, and Flamingo on the left.  The Surf Box has incredible healthy choices and uses only fresh ingredients.  I go there for the Aciai Bowl, which is a wonderful blend of fresh fruits, shaved coconut and seeds, arranged beautifully over top of a delicious smoothy.  The pancakes are AMAZING and for even larger appetites, the Mexicana is savoury and really filling.

For hearty breakfasts and casual dining, go see Ray and Melani at Perla’s on the corner in Potrero.  With its exceptionally priced menu and really really good food (really), this restaurant / bar has become a favorite stop for the North American community of the Potrero / Flamingo area.  The friendly staff always have the game on, serve you with a smile and oh… the chicken wings at Perla’s are the BIGGEST I have seen anywhere!

For dinner, I suggest the restaurant at Bahai del Sol, right on the beach in Potrero.  It has a small but tasty menu and is quite reasonably priced, especially when you consider the beautiful grounds and the location – right on the beach!

For a more luxurious (and expensive) fare, you must head over to The Chameleon Hotel and have dinner at their magnificent cliff side restaurant.  This will be an experience to remember as you will look over one of the top rated infinity pools in the entire world.  I suggest you reserve your table and head over to witness in the most breath-taking sunsets you will ever see.  It will change your life!


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