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January 28, 2017

Guaitil Pottery Tour

The artesian pottery of the Chorotegas

The native population of Costa Rica’s Northwest are the “Chorotegas”, which had settled in Costa Rica centuries ago after a long journey away from the hostile Aztecs and Mayans further North. The chorotegan culture is very rich and diverse and still the soul of our beautiful province of Guanacaste.

On this trip we will visit the town of “Guaitil” which is the best place to experience the welcoming descendants of the Chorotegas who are famous for handcrafting beautiful clay pottery applying the same materials, colors and techniques like their ancestors hundreds of years ago.

We will learn about the whole process from beginning to the end: the sand, clay, colored stones, shaping, polishing, scratching and burning! After this visit you will understand how much talent and effort it takes to make each of these unique pottery pieces and if you liked to…you will have the chance to purchace a great souvenir directly from the producers!

From here we will stop by at Santa Cruz (on our way) to enjoy a delicious Costa Rican “Casado” lunch including rice & beans, salad, vegetable stew, plantain and your choice of either fish, chicken, beef or pork.

*This trip could perfectly be combined with a visit of the nearby coffee plantation where we will learn everything about one of the most widespread products in the world, which Costa Rica is famous for!

A vast assortment of decorative clay pots made by local artisans of Costa Rica, adorned with a variety of Mayan influenced designs depiciting animals, butterflies and other shapes.
A vast array of clay pots in a Costa Rica shop await tourists eager to take them home.

What is included:

  • Pottery village “Guaitil” w/ visit of working facility
  • Tour of the handcraft process
  • Souvenirs (optional & extra cost)
  • Traditional Costarican Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Bilingual Guide & Transportation w/ AC

Important Information:

  • Driving time from Flamingo: 1hrs
  • PICKUP: 9:30am
  • Half-Day
  • All Ages!
  • Minimum Attendance: 4 persons

Rate: $70/adult, $30/child

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