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Playa Conchal

Published on April 22, 2019 by RyanD

As far as beautiful beaches go, Playa Conchal is among the finest anywhere in the entire world.  This little slice of heaven is nestled in a protected cove just south of the charming village of Brasilito.  The literal translation of the name Playa Conchal is “Shell Beach”.  Even so, it is difficult to find any shells on Playa Conchal.  The reality is that there really is no need for sandals at Playa Concha.  This is because with each step your feet sink deep into white talcum powder sand.  It literally feels like you are dancing on clouds!

So why the name “Shell Beach”?  Well, as you step into the water your feet will be surprised by a completely different sensation.  The fine white beach sand transitions to a course ocean floor made up entirely of pulverized sea shells.  The waves typically do not stir up this unique blend of heavy sand.  As a result, the water stays crystal clear.  In addition, the other benefit is the wonderful exfoliating effect the rough sand has on your feet.   Above all, the tickling soothes and reinvigorates the soles of your feet as you play in the calm waters.

Playa Conchal has everything you could want in a tropical paradise.  First of all, the are plenty of broadleaf trees that offer a welcome respite from the sun.  Secondly, at the north end of the beach is a small reef that offers terrific snorkeling.  These calm protected waters are typically suitable for small children.  They can safely enjoy their first view of the fascinating marine world below.  Another benefit: the beach is not crawling with vendors trying to sell you trinkets.  You truly can experience peace and tranquility.  Lastly, between the sheltering trees and the surf are vast acres of sand that are suitable for all kinds of beach play.

Visit Beautiful Playa Conchal!

Playa Conchal is well situated on the pristine west coast of Guanacaste province.  With Playas Potrero, Penca, Brasilito and Flamingo all close by, booking your vacation rental in the Conchal area is sure to delight!  Special Places manages a variety of properties in this area that are suitable for any budget.

The best part about Playa Conchal?  It is practically deserted during the week which makes it a perfect place for a romantic walk with your favorite person.  So go ahead, take your sandals off and your sweethearts hand.  After that, soak up the warm sun while the waves gently lap your ankles.  You may even see flying fish or breaching rays as you stroll along this crescent shaped wonder.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending slow-time with your sweetheart, right?  Imagine no phones, no emails, no stress.  Should I listening to music, read my favorite book, or simply enjoy a comfortable snooze?  Whatever your fancy, you will enjoy it while wrapped in the warmth and splendor that is Playa Conchal.   Ahhh…

Playa Conchal is my favorite beach in the area, and is one of the most beautiful natural wonders that I have ever seen.

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