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January 25, 2017

Renting a Car in Costa Rica

For those of you that are experienced travelers, you know that sometimes the process of renting a car can be aggravating.  This guide will help you get through the process with the most knowledge and the least headache!  There are many things to consider when renting a car in Costa Rica, and understanding the amphibious limitations of your vehicle is certainly an important place to start.  Just sayin’…

Car Stuck in Costa Rica River

Now, onto the stuff that is going to make your life easier…

Hassle-Free Car Rentals are NOT a DREAM!

I have booked many cars from many car rentals companies.  Sometimes I have spent long hours searching for the best deals on the internet.  Let me save you some heartache and tell you this:  The lowest price is not the best deal.  Seriously, you are far better off going with a reputable company, and it is imperative that you book your car rental in advance of your arrival. 

Why is booking in advance to your advantage?  Because if you arrive at the Liberia International Airport without a pre-arranged car rental or airport transfer, you will be inundated with people fighting for your business by offering a dizzying array of “deals”.  It’s unreal… like haggling at a fish market in India!  They tend to offer you anything you want to get you into their shuttle, only to have the rules change once you get to their rental office.  Trust me, this is no way to start off your vacation.  One of the tricks of the “discount” car rental companies is to lure you in with a low daily rental rate, but demand a huge “deposit” to be paid by credit card.  I’ve seen as much as $2,500 deposits!  Then when you return the car, they will deduct all kinds of things off your deposit – I’m not kidding when I tell you that this is unregulated robbery.  Trust me, pay a fair price for a car rental and sleep with the peace of knowing you won’t be ripped off.

So who is the best and most reputable company to rent from near Liberia?  No question, it is Adobe Car Rental.  These people will never charge you extra for a deposit, and they will even come to your door to either pick up or deliver your car.  How cool is that?  This is perfect if you plan on hanging around your vacation spot without the daily need for wheels, and only requiring a car on certain excursion days.  Talk about a hassle free car rental experience.


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