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January 16, 2017

Street Snacks – Take Part in Costa Rica’s Food Festival

festival-palmaresWhen you see workers setting up the local bullring, you know the fiestas are rolling into town – and with them, the Costa Rican street food vendors. Here are some of the typical street foods you’ll almost definitely catch a whiff of around the bullring and the carnival rides.

We invite you to take a look at some of the local foods you can expect to find at these events…


Chorreadas – A favorite Costa Rican breakfast food

Chorreadas are delicious Costa Rican corn pancakes served warm. They usually come with fresh natilla – or sour cream – and they are one of the country’s culinary claims-to-fame.

Arroz Cantones

Arroz Cantones – Costa Rican Fried Rice

Arroz Cantones fried rice was introduced by the large Chinese immigrant population, but became so popular that it is now considered one of the country’s typical foods. There is something in it for everyone: ham, chicken, shrimp, pork. For vegetables, most recipes call for scallions, celery, bean sprouts, and sweet peppers; and don’t forget the soy sauce, which gives it its color.

Fun Fact: In 2013, 52 chefs and 20 assistants representing 35 restaurants went down in the Guinness Book of World Records for largest plate of fried rice. The plate weighing 1.3 tons was created in celebration of Chinese New Year.


Tortillas stuffed with pork, beans and cheese… yum!

Pupusas hail from El Salvador, but you can find street vendors cooking up these corn tortillas filled with pork, cheese and refried beans at almost all fresh food markets and fiestas throughout Costa Rica. They are usually served with spicy cabbage fermented in vinegar.

Corn on the cob

Corn on the Cob – Sweet and Hot!

Elote con Mantequilla literally means “corn cob with butter” and is delicious anywhere you travel.


Chicharrones are delicious, if you like deep fried pork bellies!

Chicharrones are downright delicious. There are two varieties: crunchy and not crunchy. The crunchy kind are made from the skin, and people either love them or hate them. The meaty kind is made of delectable pork meat.

Fresh Churros dipped in hot fudge – delicioso!

A decadent dessert made of fried bread coated in sugar. They are kind of like funnel cakes, but even more amazing.


Pinchos: the classic shish-kabob – Costa Rican style

The classic shish-kabob – Costa Rican stylePinchos are simply any savory meat on a stick.


Like an Empanada, only better

Enyucados are very similar to empanadas, but cooked with yucca flour instead of corn or wheat flour. They can be stuffed with anything from chicken and vegetables to pulled beef and cheese. Enyucados are delicious hot pockets of meaty, cheesy goodness.


Granizados: The Costa Rican snow cone!!

Granizados are Costa Rican snow cones. Men in little carts walk around putting shaved ice smothered in sugary syrup, along with powdered and condensed milk, into little cups. These frozen treats are a popular way to cool off and escape the Guanacaste heat at the beach.

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