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January 13, 2019

Planning Your Vacation Getaway

When it comes to planning your vacation getaway, choosing a place to stay is one of the most important decisions you will make. Privacy, cost, convenience, service levels and the variety of lodging options available are important considerations. Choosing the right place for you and your family to stay requires effort. The efforts you direct towards planning your vacation will have the greatest impact on your time away. There are countless lodging options available for any budget – from vacation rentals to name-brand hotels — and they are all competing for your hard-earned vacation dollar.

This brief guide has been put together to help you plan your perfect escape to Costa Rica! Our goal is to demystify some of the more nebulous aspects of booking your vacation online and to help you better understand the key advantages of trying a Vacation Rental instead of the old standby – the hotel.

Okay, so the first obvious question is “Why choose a Vacation Rental in the first place?”. To find the answer, we set out to poll a great many travelers and obtain real data. Some of the answers we received did surprise us. However, the overwhelming majority offered these top 5 benefits of booking a Vacation Rental in Cost Rica.


# 1: Vacation Rental Privacy

Will it surprise you to learn that privacy ranked #1? Vacation homes and condos offer a level of privacy that you’ll never find in a hotel. Condominium complexes are built to feel like home. They have thicker walls, more space, many more amenities – and FEWER people. Even the pools in condo developments are often less crowded, bigger, and better maintained!

A lovely hill-top view of a beautiful infinity pool surrounded by luxurious lounge chairs, all overlooking the forest below.

Special Places of Costa Rica has access to the most beautiful villas with luxurious private pools. 


Vacation rental homes, villas, and villas are, of course, the ultimate choice if you’re looking for privacy or seclusion. They come in all sizes and with the luxury mansions accommodating up to 14 people or more! Most have their own private parking and many include your very own private swimming pool!


#2: The True Cost of Your Costa Rican Vacation

Were you aware that vacation rentals are much more cost effective than hotels? Unless you book a very expensive suite, few hotels can accommodate more than 4 ppl per room – and that’s a tight fit! There is no private space in a shared hotel room… and everyone typically sleeps in the same room. Hope you like snoring!

Vacation rentals typically offer “all-in” pricing. Hotels will charge expensive fees for services that are complimentary in a vacation rental, such as laundry, WiFi, parking, tipping, etc. It goes on and on and…

By saving money on your lodging, you can spend that extra cash on special treats! For example: consider one of our many excursions, activities, or other luxuries such as a trip to the spa. Perhaps most importantly, vacation rentals almost always feature a full kitchen. Don’t underestimate how much money you can save by dining in even just a few times on your trip!


#3: Choosing a Host with the Best Service Record

Sometimes being a hotel guest can be a less-than-fulfilling experience. The objective of any hotel is to sell rooms and then keep you on their property so they can sell you expensive add-ons. With so many people on one property, it is virtually impossible to receive personalized service of any kind, let alone being made to feel special. Vacation rentals prioritize your personal experience.

Special Places of Costa Rica offers a complimentary concierge service that you can reach out to with questions, needs, concerns. Our concierge team knows which excursions are worth-while, reputable and most of all – safe. They also know the up-coming events happening in your area, directions to the most beautiful beaches, etc. Need to know which restaurants would best suit your tastes? Call on our concierge team! This service is fully personalized and customizable and best of all – it’s FREE!

Our goal is to help you plan your ideal vacation with the best rental, the best excursions, and the best service possible!


#4: Planning for Convenience

With premium ocean front and convenient in-town locations, in-suite laundry, full kitchens, dedicated wifi that works, the conveniences and comfort of vacation rentals far exceeds that of hotels. We all know laundry on vacation can be a huge headache, and many people actually pay to lug extra luggage around to avoid the hassle altogether. And really, how many times have you had to put up with poor internet service that was super slow – talk about frustrating!

Many vacation rentals are located directly in town or close by, while hotels typically require buses or shuttles to get anywhere. This is by design: hotels are purpose-built to keep you ‘captive’, leaving you little culinary options other than expensive food and beverage options of the hotel itself.

Ask yourself – “Why restrict our freedom to explore and enjoy the locale?”. Staying at a Vacation Rental in Costa Rica is a private experience when you want it, and allows much easier access to the local culture when you want to get out and explore.


#5: Vacation Rental Variety of Choice

Rounding out our top 5 benefits of booking a Vacation Rental in Cost Rica is variety. This was somewhat of a surprise but is you think about it, it makes perfect sense.
As a general rule, if you’ve seen one hotel, you seen them all. Sure, they vary in terms of price and amenities, but the range of diversity is nothing compared to vacation rentals! The Vacation Rentals of Costa Rica offer a plethora of possibilities – for any budget. You could find yourself in a mansion on the mountaintop, a villa on the beach, a professionally decorated condo, a typical Tico beach house, and so forth! The choices are literally endless.

When you are planning your vacation to our beautiful country, start with the Costa Rica Vacation Rental experts at Want to add a fishing trip, beach gear, private chef, special adventure or special romantic nights? Special Places of Costa Rica will provide you the best of the best every step of the way.


It has been so rewarding to make so many new friends from all over the world. Many of our new guests have invited us to come see them at their homes. Professional, personalized and friendly service is the key to a wonderful holiday. That is what we do best here at Special Places of Costa Rica. Let us delight you!

Pura Vida!


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