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Welcome to Costa Rica and Special Places of Costa Rica!

My name is Kenny Segers, I am a co-owner and manager of Special Places of Costa Rica, and it is my great pleasure to host you at our properties! I was born and raised in Belgium, and made the decision to move to Costa Rica, were I have been living for the past 8 years of my life. A big part of those 8 years in Flamingo, together with my Costa Rican wife, Estela and our “little” 1 year old.

Special Places of Costa Rica Office
The Special Places Potrero / Flamingo Office - Just up the hill from the office of Economy Rent-a-Car

With this letter and our website, I would like to provide you general information and information about the different services that our company provides to make your stay comfortable!

You will find useful information about Costa Rica, the area, hints, tips, useful numbers etc on our website, as well the many rental properties and Tours & Activities we have to offer.

You are very welcome to contact or visit our office, when you are in need for information or guidance. Our bilingual staff will be more than happy to assist you in all your needs!

Please don’t hesitate to share your concerns, suggestions or problems regarding your stay or our services with me! We are working very hard to offer the best possible service, and we appreciate the feedback. It is very important for me very to know how it feels for you to stay on our properties, your experience with our office staff and what you thought of various tours and activities.

We also like to encourage our quest to leave us a review on any of the websites you booked the property through (VRBO / Home Away/ Flipkey…). Leaving us a review helps future customers to have a better idea about both US as a company, and the property itself.


A photo of the entire staff of Special Places of Costa Rica, with the Maids, Maintenace and Management Teams all posing a group on a beautiful tropical beach..

The Special Places of Costa Rica Team


If you get to point where you think we may earn a bad review, please contact me first and I will be reach back out to you as soon as possible.  If I am not in, please ask the office to call me – I promise to respond as soon as possible.  In case of an emergency, please ask the office to call me immediately.  I am at your service.

I truly hope you enjoy your stay at the property and in our beautiful area, and hope to hear soon from you.

Pura Vida!

Kenny Segers

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