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Costa Rica Webcams & Live Streams

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Costa Rica live camera feeds are the best way to check out the true weather situation at your vacation rental destination. How great is it to see the actual weather for yourself, in real time! So with that in mind, I invite you to scroll down to see our live cameras in action!
Keeping You Informed
At Special Places of Costa Rica, we proudly provide you with the best information about the Guanacaste region. Our office is located right in the heart of the action, — in the Playa Flamingo Area. Because of our location, we decided to post a window directly into our neighborhood via 24/7 live camera feeds.
An Eye on Local Features

Our first two live camera feeds are located at Casa Las Brisas in Playa Flamingo and Pacific Heights, overlooking Potrero Bay. We chose those two locations for their superior coverage of local features. As a result, the Flamingo Beach coastline and the family-friendly area of Potrero Bay are visible below for you in real-time.

Costa Rica Live Camera Reporting

In particular, the live camera locations in Costa Rica that we have chosen provide visibility of weather conditions that can influence vacation rental plans, such as:

  • Surf conditions
  • Strong winds
  • Heavy rain
  • Cloudy/overcast skies
  • Sunshine
Beyond the Cameras

We at Special Places of Costa Rica welcome you to come back any time to check on the beautiful scenery captured in our live feeds. Additionally, we invite you to explore beyond the cameras. Contact us today to find out more about visiting Costa Rica or to book your vacation rental.


Live Beach Cam Playa Flamingo

The feed from our live beach cam at Casa Las Brisas in Playa Flamingo is magnificent. This camera provides the most sought-after view in the area. In fact, it is the very same view available from Playa Flamingo’s top-rated luxury beach rentals.
Simply press play on a camera feed above to view the livestream. In addition, you can expand the frames to full screen. Moreover, depending on the day and hour you might catch a glimpse of surfers, birds and other tropical wildlife, catamarans, and beach-goers.

Live Cam Potrero Bay

In contrast to watching the activities of Playa Flamingo, viewing the feed from our live camera at Pacific Heights in Potrero Bay imparts the tranquil and serene nature of this area. Located in the northwest part of the Guanacaste coastline, Potrero Bay is characterized by its rolling hills, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife.

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Live Beach Cam Playa Flamingo
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