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Save On Vacation Rentals: Book Direct

Did you know you can save up to 20% on your vacation rentals by booking directly with Special Places of Costa Rica?

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When you combine the best pricing, friendliest customer and concierge service, with the largest vacation rental inventory in Playa Flamingo and Playa del Coco, it’s easy to decide to book through Special Places of Costa Rica. We offer impeccable customer service, a local team that provides tailored recommendations, and great savings for a perfect Costa Rican vacation!

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The Best Way to Save on Vacation Rentals!

How can you save yourself up to 20% on the cost of your vacation rental in Costa Rica? The solution is simple – directly book your rental with the property management company involved. And sometimes the best properties or deals aren’t even listed on those platforms – they are hidden gems that you’ll never know about unless you contact the management company directly. Check out the following graph if you aren’t convinced yet!

The numbers speak for themselves, you will save money on your Vacation Rental by booking direct with Special Places of Costa Rica.

Using direct book, you avoid all those fees that the big marketplace platforms and limited communication they impose on us. You can book with us as easily and conveniently as with them, with the same quality guarantees.

So next time you’re planning a visit to beautiful Playa Flamingo, Playa PotreroPlaya BrasilitoPlaya del Coco, Playa Hermosa or Tamarindo Beach, visit a marketplace platform like Airbnb to see all your choices. But when it comes time to book, try direct booking by searching the properties name in google and see not only how much you will save, but as well all the extra information that is provided on the website and an agent will share with you! Priceless extra information, for a discount, makes your trip even more unforgettable!  

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Vacation Rentals: Why Booking Direct Makes Sense

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More and more homeowners and property managers wished to rent their homes out to tourists and obtain more explore, and needed an easy way to do it over the last years. So online travel marketplaces like Expedia, Airbnb and VRBO were founded. And these online marketplaces have simply grown and grown in popularity because they are so easy to use, and so many more choices of vacation property rentals are available to peruse before making a booking.

There’s no denying that people enjoy having a “one stop shop” place to look for “vacation rental properties in Costa Rica”, or “luxury vacation rental homes in Playa Flamingo,” or “best homes on the beach in Flamingo.”

Once these online marketplaces arrived, we listed our properties on them – because everyone else who has or manages vacation rental properties was on them as well. And in a way they have certainly benefited Special Places of Costa Rica by increasing our visibility.

But this comes at a cost. In many cases, a 20% extra cost. This extra cost is something that users of those online marketplaces don’t think about.  You can avoid these extra fees and save on your vacation rentals by booking direct with Special Places.

All those marketplaces have employees who must make a living, too, and so they charge a fee anytime someone books a property through their service. This fee can vary depending on the platform, but in some cases it can be as much as 20% of the cost of the home. And since property management companies have to make a profit, they must pass those fees on to their clients.

Benefits of Booking Direct with Special Places of Costa Rica

  1. Booking directly with the manager of a vacation home rental property, instead of going through an impersonal third party just makes good sense. It saves you money, and it enables you to build a good relationship with the property manager, who can help you choose the best dates to visit their area and learn of some of the things to see and do that usually only the “locals” get to see.

  2. Payment terms for down payment, second payment and damage deposit are more costumer friendly if you book direct with the property manager. Even cancellations are more flexible with a direct booking, than on the third party market place.

  3. Personal service is something that “big” travel agencies and third-party marketplaces can’t really provide. If a guest has special needs, it’s best to speak directly with the management team so that they can help you plan the best trip possible.
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