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Golf Cart Rentals

Looking for an easy way to get around town on your vacation? Rent one of our golf carts.

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Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts are a great alternative to renting a car in Flamingo, Costa Rica.  They are perfect for quick trips down to the store or a leisurely drive down to the beach.  Special Places of Costa Rica can arrange your personal golf cart for you and have it ready for you when you arrive.  The golf carts managed by Special Places are well-maintained, reliable and clean.  There is easily room for 4 adults plus all the beach gear you will need for a great morning splashing around at Playa Flamingo or any of the other beautiful Costa Rican beaches nearby.

Golf cart on beach
You can rent personal golf carts from Special Places of Costa Rica
What kinds of golf carts are available to rent from Special Places?

The deluxe model features a lift kit that provides a stylish appearance and functional benefits that are worth noting. The higher rise and bigger tires gives the golf cart better handling which is valuable on rougher terrains.  Of course you can always opt to rent the regular model of golf cart if you choose.  These should only be rented for vacation rental properties located in area where the roads are all paved.

What areas does Special Places provide golf cart rentals?

Special Places of Costa Rica operates throughout the Guanacaste area in Costa Rica.  We maintain offices in Playas del Cocos and manage a great many vacation rentals, condos, etc.  Renting a golf cart in Playas del Coco is a great choice.  You really don’t need a car unless you plan on participating in the tours we offer.  For that, we can arrange private transportation for your entire party.

The main office of Special Places is located in the Flamingo area.  We manage vacation rentals up and down the Pacific northwest coast of Costa Rica, from Playa Langosta all the way up to Playa Hermosa.  Renting a golf cart in the Flamingo area, especially in the high season, is also a great choice.

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Golf Cart Rentals
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