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Bill Payment & Management Services

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Don’t you just love to pay bills? We’re guessing you don’t! Special Places offers its owners the convenience and peace of mind of managing and paying all the bills associated with their properties.

Sign up for our bill management and payment service, and we will pay all your recurring property bills, including electric, water, cable, internet and HOA fees. All these are billed in different ways on different timetables, and we closely monitor these obligations to make sure they are paid on time.

We routinely check to see if bills appear to be unusually high — for example, if the water bill is through the roof, we will investigate why consumption is so high and take steps to remediate the problem.

Also, we’re always on the lookout for deals and promotions — for example, if you can get a major upgrade on your internet speed for only a slightly higher payment, we might recommend this option to you. We make it our mission to find the best possible deals for our homeowners.

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