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Looking for the right car to explore Costa Rica on your vacation? Let our experts help you choose the best fit for your trip.

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Car Rentals

“How can I possibly know which car rental company to choose in Costa Rica?”

Rent from all of them and THEN decide!  Ugh, this is clearly not an option for most travelers. Fear not because this is exactly what we at Special Places of Costa Rica have done. After a comprehensive analysis of scoring each car rental experience, price and service, the winner was an obvious “no-brainer”. Special Places of Costa Rica has chosen Adobe Rent a Car as its car rental affiliate. We find that above and beyond its competitive rental rates, Adobe is simply superior to the rest of the class.

Adobe has offices all over the country while most others only have two or three. We find this fact critically important.  No matter where you are, you are reassured knowing that there is an office within a reasonable distance. This “peace of mind” has no price attached, especially when you are on vacation and time is so precious.

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You will always find the Adobe staff to be reliable and competent. Right from the start you can sense the “Adobe Difference“.  First, they greet you with a warm smile upon your arrival.  Also important, they provide fast and efficient service to get you started on your vacation.  Not only that, they have a concierge service that will bring your rental car and paperwork right to your door!  How cool is that?  Moreover, they will happily shuttle you back to the airport to catch that departing flight. Now that’s what I call first class service… right?!  Their main airport offices are just minutes away from the airline terminals.

The Adobe Rent-a-Car office at the Liberia International Airport

Adobe has the newest fleet of cars available in Costa Rica. You can therefore avoid the common “rent-a wreck” scenario found at the bargain agencies. When all of these points are added together, you can be assured that you will have a new car, great service, 24 hour roadside assistance, and the peace of mind that there is an Adobe office nearby.

There are no games, no surprises, no “bait and switch” as you may find with other agencies. Adobes quoted rates include all taxes and the mandatory minimum insurance ($1000 deductible). If you receive quotes from other rental car agencies make sure to ask if the rate includes mandatory insurance and taxes. Unfortunately, several of the other companies will not tell you this until your arrival at your office. When this happens, your cost will actually be much higher than you were originally quoted.

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