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Let’s face it, maintenance is a fact of life and remotely managed maintenance can be expensive and worrisome. Fear not, because Special Places of Costa Rica is at your service! Our aim is to reduce your worry and work load with effective communication and by providing professional, reliable and AFFORDABLE service.
Your One Source for All of your Maintenance and Repair Requirements
For your convenience, we employ or are closely associated with all the trades you need to keep your property in top condition:



Other Contractors:

External Services:

All this convenience is available at affordable pricing that you can be confident in!

Special Places of Costa Rica
provides 3 types of maintenance services

Monthly Maintenance
A service that relates to the general maintenance and upkeep of your property. Gardening, painting and pool maintenance. A service routine, that will keep your property in a good shape. Don`t bother in buying your own tools, we will bring them!
PMP — Preventative Maintenance Program
An effective way to save money in the Long-term. Regular maintenance of your A/C, pool pump, gates etc, has been proven to extend the life expectancy of your property. Allocate a little maintenance in your annual budget to avoid costly capital improvements down the road.
Emergency Repairs
We have employees on standby ready to serve you 24 hrs a day. Our Emergency Repair service will provide fast and reliable repairs at reasonable prices.
The Maintenance Services we provide are the same Maintenance and Upkeep we provide for our Luxury Homes. A formula enjoyed by many of our clients, who’s interest we diligently protect.

Protect Your Investment

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