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Tax & Asset Management

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Our tax and asset management service provides comprehensive oversight and payment of all your Costa Rica tax obligations. Tax rates, deadlines and reporting requirements frequently change in this country, and our experienced accounting team keeps track of these changes year-round and makes sure your taxes are paid on time.

The taxes we will monitor and pay for you include property, corporate, education, garbage and luxury taxes. If you have a Costa Rican corporation, active or inactive, we will also prepare and file the required declarations for these.

Fines for late payments and missed deadlines can be exorbitant in Costa Rica, and we offer the peace of mind that you’ll be up to date on all these obligations.

Taxes are paid from your home account, which has required minimums that must be replenished, and the payments are reflected on your monthly reports. Talk to us about the rates for this service, which are adjusted every year as tax requirements change.

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