Diamante Eco Adventure Park


Diamante Eco Adventure Park, between Playas del Coco and Las Catalinas, is the premier ziplining tour, animal sanctuary and adventure park on the Guanacaste coast.

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Tour Description

Diamante Adventure Pass (full package)

  • A fantastic zipline course with the longest ride times, featuring a nearly mile-long ocean-view Superman cable, a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump and a hanging bridge over crocodiles. Costa Rica’s best and only ocean-view dual zipline allows guests to share this experience with family and friends, riding side by side.
  • Unlimited access to Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary, recognized as one of the most beautiful wildlife education centers in Costa Rica.
  • The Botanical Garden, filled with fruit trees, flowers and plants, is the location of the Traditional House, a replica of a typical farmhouse common in the area 100 years ago. Diamante offers a unique hands-on cultural experience with coffee, chocolate and sugarcane.
  • Playa Matapalo (which we call Hammock Beach) is the ideal spot to enjoy the Costa Rican coast and get exclusive access to the beach for added activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking. Or you can just sit back and relax in hanging chairs and hammocks.
  • Included for free, guests can refuel at Diamante’s ocean-view restaurant and enjoy a highly rated Costa Rican buffet at the Welcome Center, including coffee and fruit drinks from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Duration: Full day, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Zipline restrictions: Minimum weight is 60 lbs. (27 kilos) for the shorter lines and Quick Jump, and 85 lbs. (40 kg) for the entire circuit, including the Superman cable. Maximum weight is 280 lbs. (130 kg). The minimum age is 5.

Discovery Pass (animal sanctuary)

Diamante is home to a large variety of Costa Rican animals that are in need. Some of the animals in our care were born in other wildlife management programs for scientific and educational purposes; others were rescued and placed under our management by Costa Rican authorities. These animals are not fit for life in the natural environment and are cared for by a large team of qualified and dedicated professionals.

Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is known for its world-class habitat designs, addressing the needs of each species. The unique design of the habitats allows guests to learn about key aspects of the biology, ecology and natural history of these animals.

Diamante’s bilingual team is known for excellent customer service and focus on education and raising awareness among visitors and locals about the importance of respect and the protection of wildlife. We work directly with a body of professionals in biology and veterinary medicine and with technical and legal supervision by officials of the SINAC, the government entity in charge of the country’s wildlife.


  • World-class butterfly observatory
  • Up-close viewing and educational opportunities
  • Over a dozen licensed biologists available for any questions
  • Wide variety of animals, including sloths, monkeys, jaguars, pumas and more
  • Toucans and a large variety of small birds, frogs and reptiles

Duration: 2 hours

Diamante Cultural Experience (double package)

Take a step back in time at our traditional Costa Rican farmhouse, commonly referred to as a “casita,” at our Botanical Garden. This historic farmhouse replicates the true design, style and materials used by the average Costa Rican farmer for over a hundred years. This traditional house offers a history tour and cultural insight into the lives of rural Costa Ricans.

You will have the opportunity to learn how these rural farmers produced coffee, chocolate and sugar extracted from the cacao tree, coffee plants and sugarcane. Guests will enjoy time with our staff as they show you dozens of flora and fauna and share with you various experiences that can include:

Cacao: Guests will have the opportunity to see cacao plants as well as learn about the origin and history of cacao. Guests will be educated on the process of drying and grinding the seeds and have the opportunity to make chocolate.

Coffee: It’s no secret that Costa Rica is famous for its coffee. Coffee has played a significant social, economic and even political role for the country. Diamante’s organic coffee plants are vibrant, healthy and uniquely found in Guanacaste.

Sugarcane: Along the walking trails in the Botanical Gardens, you’ll see our organic sugarcane crop. Our staff will tell you all about the special traditions behind sugarcane agriculture in Costa Rica. Guests will use the sugarcane press to make their very own sweet water, known as agua dulce.

ATV 1-hour tour

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) tours are professionally guided along dirt paths that wind through the jungle and lowland forest. Comfortably explore nature as you slowly climb up hills with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

This one-hour ATV activity includes a short orientation and safety talk and is ideal for novice riders and those who enjoy a scenic ride with a focus on natural surroundings. 

What to wear/bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, change of clothes

Optional activities

  • Horseback riding (1 hour)
  • ATV tour (1 hour): Single or double, minimum 16 years to drive
  • Buffet lunch (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.)

What is Included?

  • Adventure Pass: Superman ziplining, beach day with paddleboards & kayaks, animal sanctuary, cultural tour & botanical garden
  • Aerial Pass: Ziplining only
  • Discovery Pass: Animal sanctuary only
  • Cultural Pass: Casita coffee tour & animal sanctuary

What is Excluded?

  • Gratuity
  • Photo package
  • Lunch (except with Adventure Pass)

Know Before You Go

Reviews (05)

Mike Snow
25 Mar 2019
Our January 12 to the 22 stay was our second trip to Villa la Sata. We didn’t think it could get any better but this was a very special time in this extremely special place. For all our experiences here in Guanacaste this Estate cannot be matched. The village of Flamingo provides varied opportunities for dining and entertainment. Whether at Angelina’s, Coco Loco or La Forketta the food was amazing. The in home chef Jean Luc was the BEST! The beauty of the white sand beach of Flamingo is unparalleled. The staff at Villa la Sata was extremely accommodating. There was no better way to escape the cold of Montana. We will return yet again, Michael Snow
Josh Wright
02 Apr 2018
It would be tougher to spend a week in Costa Rica in a nicer home than Villa La Sata. Not only is it centrally located to the “hopping” area of the Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica, it is positioned on the property and Bay perfectly. A view of over 180 degrees of the ocean is breathtaking. The home is beautiful, updated and unquestionably a once-in-a-lifetime vacation home. This will go down as the nicest home we have ever spent time in, on vacation.
T. Meehan
21 Mar 2018
We stayed at Villa La Sata, in Costa Rica for a few days in February. It is a very special place which is beautifully appointed with detail after detail. I can’t imagine a better location in the world to soak up the sun on its terraces, perched on a cliff overlooking a mile or so of wonderful beach. We had magnificent sunsets every night that were among the best I have ever seen. My wife was in heaven as she cannot miss a sunset.
Holden Ogg
23 Mar 2018
Staying at Villa La Sata was an amazing experience! The views were immaculate and the villa was very impressive… I loved waking up to the sound and site of the beach each morning. The fact that you can see the water as the front gate opens and from every room is why I would consider this the Gem of Flamingo. I’ve never experienced anything like the sunsets here as well. As a videographer and photographer it was more than just a paradise it was Heaven.

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