7 Reasons to Move to Costa Rica!

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Does anyone really need a reason to move to Costa Rica? Did you fall in love with Costa Rica during a visit? Do you miss the stress-free lifestyle of living in such a wonderful climate surrounded by such gracious people? Perhaps you need a change in your life, a fresh start…

Maybe you are tired of the cold weather in your country and you want to move somewhere where it doesn’t snow; or maybe it’s time to retire and you want a place where you can live a more relaxing life. Whatever the case may be, you are right to consider the possibility of moving to Costa Rica.

Ah… now this is the life!

Each year, many people from different countries choose to make Costa Rica their new home. But why? What is so appealing about Costa Rica? Like all countries, it has its share of challenges, but it has far many more advantages than disadvantages.

Here are 7 reasons to move to Costa Rica:



If your idea of fun and relaxation involves spending your days at the beach, you will LOVE Costa Rica, a country where you have access to both the Pacific and Atlantic coast, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, white sand, dark sand, hidden paradises or busy touristic sites, miles of beaches to choose from, or actually, you don’t even have to choose, you can explore all the different alternatives if you have that adventurous spirit.

Playa Conchal means “sea shell beach” and is seriously world-class



Costa Rica is small, but 25.58% of the country’s territory is part of conservation areas and protected territory; it shelters 5% of the world’s biodiversity, rainforests, cloud forests, tropical dry forests, volcanoes, etc. All these without having to travel long distances.

The magnificent Fortuna Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Costa Rica


No Army

 Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that has no army. It chose to direct its economic resources towards education and health since 1948. The security of this small country falls to the National Police Forces.  It really doesn’t need anything more than that.  Sure, Costa Rica still has its challenges like every other country does.  And yes, there are areas in the larger cities which are better to avoid. However, it continues to be among Latin America’s safest countries to live in, especially in the Guanacaste province of the Pacific north-west. Costa Rica also continues to work on being an inclusive society, making everyone feel welcome despite their gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference.  So when considering your reasons for moving to Costa Rica, this is all a BIG plus!

In 1948, Costa Rica abolished its army and has become known as the Switzerland of Central America.


Costa Rica is Pura Vida

 Costa Rica’s lifestyle is “Pura Vida” (Pure Life). This popular phrase used by Costa Ricans refers to a great many meanings, depending on the context.  Pura Vida can mean ‘hello’, ‘good-bye’, ‘thank you’, ‘O.K., even ‘cool!’  Costa Ricans’ perhaps tend to never be in a hurry.  They also don’t take too many things seriously, which can be a bad thing for many, but a good thing for many others.  In general, Costa Ricans’ are very friendly and hospitable.  This limits the culture shock associated with moving to a new country.  The Pura Vida culture of this beautiful country is the key reason why Costa Rica was named the happiest place to live on earth.

Many beautiful hues of blue create a beautiful canvas for the wave artists to ply their craft


Find everything you need

Costa Rica has evolved to offer, commercially speaking, pretty much everything you can find in North America granted some things are more expensive being that they are imported, but you won’t be deprived from quality products and services. As a matter of fact, medical and dental services are much more affordable in Costa Rica than North America and the quality of the service is great.


Life Expectancy

The investment in public health has paid off, Costa Rica has the highest life expectancy in Central America and holds the second position in Latin America and the third in the entire American Continent with 79.6 years, just behind Canada (82.2 years) and Chile (80.5 years), according to the World Health Organization. Costa Rica also has a “Blue Zone”, (demographic/geographic area where people live measurably longer lives), which is Nicoya in Guanacaste, this area is home to several centennials, perhaps the warm weather, beautiful beaches and in general a better quality of life are the reason behind this.

Have you ever seen anything as lovely as a Costa Rican sunset?


Investment Opportunities

This is a country where you will find many investment opportunities.  It is home to several multinational companies that have chosen to establish here due to the economic and political stability. The possibility of getting highly educated labor is a plus, and when it comes to technology, communications and internet the country is competitive. Government organizations such as the Costa Rica Investment and Development Board (CINDE), the Costa Rican Exports Chamber (CADEXO) and the Foreign Trade Promotion Institute (PROCOMER) are great allies in providing information to those inclined to invest in real-estate in Costa Rica.

A modest investment of $150,000 in Costa Rica real-estate will grant you permanent residency status!

Costa Rica is a wonderful country that will welcome you with open arms. If you are ready to move to Costa Rica and whether you are coming by yourself or with your whole family, you will need some help with your relocation to ensure that the process is easy and stress free, make sure you find a reliable and experienced team to walk you through the entire process, Immigration Experts for instance, is a law firm with years of experience in all aspects regarding relocation needs, and can provide you with the legal advice you require regarding Visas, residency procedures, real estate, business establishment, etc.

Relocating to Costa Rica is simple if you follow the right procedure. Get the expert help you need and start your new, healthier, happier life in Costa Rica.

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