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One thing that tourists enjoy and remember the most when traveling is tasting great food. A good culinary experience increases the overall satisfaction of travelers as eating is a must no matter where you go. Eating to survive is one thing, but pleasuring your senses while eating is an entirely different experience.

Thanks to its continuously growing popularity, the beautiful beach town of Tamarindo has evolved in many aspects, and gastronomy is one of them. This area houses many spectacular and mouth watering places offering incredible food at any time of the day. Keep reading to know what are the top beachfront Tamarindo restaurants you need to visit (most of which can be found on the main street).


Costa Rican Cuisine

Pangas Bisque with mussles at Pangus Beach Club
Pangus bisque with mussels is one of the many delicious options at Pangus Beach Club.

If you visit Costa Rica, the first foods you need to try are local dishes impregnated with typical flavors that reflect the tico culture. To have this experience we suggest you visit the following restaurants in Tamarindo.

Pangas Beach Club

The relaxed characteristic of the Costa Rican lifestyle can be felt upon entering Pangas Beach Club. They offer delicious food for both lunch and dinner and their dishes are artistically presented and well-cooked. Blending Costa Rican ingredients and local seafood is what makes them good at leaving a smile on their customers’ faces. Besides local dishes, their menu will surprise you with a variety of international food like risotto, rib-eye, and more.

Eat at Joe’s

Eat at Joe’s is an iconic, small restaurant with a good selection of food. Some of the most traditional Costa Rican dishes can be found here such as gallo pinto (the most typical breakfast in Costa Rica), patacones (fried plantain patties) with black beans and chevre cheese (a local cheese), or the famous casado (a popular dish eaten usually for lunch which is a choice of meat with rice, beans, sweet plantain, and salad). You can also try their seafood, delicious sushi rolls, burgers, sandwiches, and more. They serve generous portions that will keep you full for a while, so that can be your excuse for staying longer absorbing the amazing view.


International Cuisine

Fried whole butterflied snapper with chimichurri sauce, potatoes and vegetables
Fried whole butterflied snapper with chimichurri sauce, potatoes and vegetables at Ocean Restaurant & Beach Lounge.

Besides Costa Rican cuisine, Tamarindo is also known for gathering a variety of international restaurants, next a few recommendations. 

Ocean Restaurant & Beach Lounge

With over 275 reviews on Trip Advisor and rated with a perfect score, this spot is considered by many as one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo. They specialize in Mediterranean food, cooked with international and local ingredients of the best quality. Be mesmerized by the Pacific Ocean views, the casual atmosphere, and the attentive service of their staff, but mainly by their delicious offerings like Portuguese-style barbecued octopus, or some of the best Italian food like homemade gnocchi with cheese sauce, a fresh margarita pizza or a decadent tiramisu. 


Avellanas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Tamarindo area and this is exactly where Lola’s is located, 11 miles away from Tamarindo downtown. This beautiful beachside restaurant, fully committed to preserving the environment, uses natural products and organic ingredients to cook the best food. They serve a blend of international delicious meals with a signature twist, from pizzas to seafood and refreshing cocktails. Their laid-back atmosphere is inviting and relaxing, give yourself the treat of waiting at Lola’s under the shade of umbrellas and palm trees.


Vegetarian and Vegan Options

avocado toast made with homemade bread and a side of potatoes
Mother Earth Vegan Restaurant has many healthy, vegan options including this avocado toast made with homemade bread.

Although many, if not most of the restaurants in Tamarindo have vegan options, we want to recommend you visit the following alternatives.

Mother Earth Vegan Restaurant

From decoration to a selection of ingredients, to the presentation of their delicious dishes, this place takes care of every single detail. Their globally influenced menu incorporates different cooking techniques allowing them to surprise their diners with mind-blowing food. They have gluten-free options for those who also want to enjoy what this restaurant has to offer. This might be the only restaurant on our list that is not beachfront, but we could not leave it out. Their food is so delicious that even non-vegans should try it.

The Roof

Tamarindo is an amazing beach town offering breathtaking views from many places, but one that stands out is The Roof. Watching the sunset from here is simply indescribable. If they had nothing but chairs we would still recommend you to go, but since they offer excellent food, you will be in good hands. The Roof is mainly popular for its pizzas and drinks, as for having a variety of tasty food for vegetarians on their menu like chili poppers, wedgie potatoes, onion rings, creamy cheese pasta, salads, and vegetarian pizzas.


Fine Dining

table at a restaurant with a burger and fries on the table
You can enjoy a delicious burger and a side of fries at El Barco Restaurant.

If dressing up and heading to a good restaurant for fine dining is on your agenda, these would be our suggestions.

El Barco Restaurant

This wonderful Tamarindo Restaurant is situated inside the ecologically cognizant, four-star boutique hotel called Capitan Suizo. Their wide menu includes international dishes like Tenderloin carpaccio, Linguini ai frutti di mare, or Mezze mix, as well as Costa Rican favorites such as sopa negra (black bean soup), or Arroz con camarones (Costa Rican style shrimp rice). Visiting el Barco and tasting their superb cuisine right on the beach will be a pleasant experience hard to forget.

El Pelicano

El Pelicano, located inside the Tamarindo Diria Hotel, is known to be one of the world-class restaurants in Tamarindo. It has at your disposal not only wonderful service but an incomparable gastronomic offering of international seafood fusion. Here you can enjoy an elegant environment on a fancy outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean. From exquisite lobster tails to perfectly cooked Seafood Tagliatelle, or even deliciously fresh sushi, El Pelicano will be one of the few restaurants you will always remember.


Budget-Friendly Options

cooked chicken wings
Surf Shack Burgers & Wings has a variety of flavored wings that you can choose from, including mild, medium, hot, honey mustard, honey garlic, and mango.

Who doesn’t like to taste good food and save a few bucks at the same time? A couple of places where you can do this are.

Surf Shack Burgers & Wings

Surf Shack has a delicious selection of the best hamburgers in Tamarindo in a cool surf atmosphere at affordable prices. Any of the 13 burgers on their menu can be made double or triple and the patties are handmade. Happy hour takes place on Thursdays and kids eat for free on Mondays. Besides hamburgers, their menu offers also a variety of hot dogs, salads, tacos, appetizers, and options for kids.

Pico Bistro Tamarindo

This cozy bistro cafe has first-world coffee at fair prices, and delicious food to delight your palate like tapas, paninis, bowls, and more. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with wine and cocktails. With plenty of seating outside, you can have a lovely time right on the beach while savoring good food at a reasonable cost.

Tamarindo may still be a small beach town, but it certainly has an insane number of terrific restaurants to satisfy any cravings you can think of. From cozy and charming cafes to outstanding international cuisine restaurants, great food is what you can expect to find in this heavenly place. Tamarindo has all the bases covered to provide an exquisite culinary experience.

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