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Playa Brasilito and Playa Conchal are two favorite beaches among the many that are found in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Brasilito is an old fishing village on the Pacific with 1.2 miles of beach and a hard-to-miss soccer field. Playa Conchal prides itself on having an upscale vibe, turquoise waters, and a shore made up of millions of tiny pieces of white shells instead of sand. Playa Brasilito together with Playa Conchal forms the Brasilito Bay and is located on the so-called Gold Coast. These two exotic beaches are next to each other, just 13 miles apart, and only 43 miles away from the international airport of Liberia.

Locals and visitors alike are never disappointed by the uncanny natural beauty these two beaches offer and neither by the food they can taste in the area. Find below the best Playa Conchal and Playa Brasilito, Costa Rica, restaurants that will light up your palate.


Local & International Blend

Something the next Playa Conchal and Playa Brasilito, Costa Rica, restaurants have in common is the mastery of blending local flavors with international dishes letting their visitors try the best of the two worlds.

Papaya Restaurant

You can find Papaya Restaurant on the second floor of The Conchal Hotel, on the main road when entering Brasilito. With so many great reviews about this restaurant, it is a no-brainer to stop for either enjoying a great breakfast, a fulfilling lunch, or a delightful dinner. All the products used in their kitchen are conscientiously chosen from the surrounding area to guarantee the highest level of freshness. Some of the delicious options from their menu include the famous Costa Rican gallo pinto, green papaya salad, sesame-crust tuna, garlic basil chicken with mango chili salsa, and many more. Reservations, especially for dinner, are highly recommended.

Papaya Restaurant serves up delicious appetizers and mouthwatering entrees, like sesame-crusted tuna and garlic basil chicken.


Conventional and contemporary Indian food is what you can find in Masala, located about four blocks north of the Westin Hotel in Brasilito. Whether you are a fan of this unique gastronomy or want to try the particular blend of spices that characterizes Indian food, you cannot miss going to Masala. Beautifully plated dishes, exquisite decoration, and flavors you will never forget await you in this memorable restaurant. If you happen to be vegetarian, worry no more as Indian food is known for catering many vegan options.

Savor delicious Indian dishes in a gorgeous setting when you visit Masala, one of the top restaurants in Brasilito.

Ander’s Restaurant

This restaurant is located less than a block west of Super Conchal, on the road that leads to Flamingo. Featuring different salads, fresh ceviche, various types of rice, seafood, and local flavors, diners cannot get enough of their tasty dishes for a fair price. Someone once said that “when you are starving anything tastes good”, however at Ander’s, food not only tastes great but looks and smells amazing. The service and the food you receive are the highlights of this place.

At Ander’s Restaurant, the food tastes just as good as it looks!

Patagonia del Mar

With so many mouthwatering options at your disposal, choosing what to eat becomes a hard decision to make at Patagonia del Mar. In this beautiful beachfront restaurant surrounded by tropical palm trees, you can find not only dreamy views of the Pacific Ocean but a delectable variety of food. They offer fresh seafood, juicy grill options, flavorful sushi, healthy vegan dishes, exquisite pasta, and a good selection of wine, spirits, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktails. Their breakfast menu is not only varied but also scrumptious, so we recommend you visit them for either breakfast or dinner so that you won’t miss the magnificent sunset. One thing is sure, no matter what time of the day you go or what you choose to eat, their magnificent menu will meet your expectations.

Head to Patagonia del Mar at sunset to enjoy gorgeous views, a delicious drink, and a delectable meal.


Informal Dining

The following restaurants have a more casual and simple atmosphere, they are not known for fancy infrastructure or decoration but for cooking good food.

Camaron Dorado

Typical Costa Rican food with high-quality grilling and a specialty in local seafood fill the menu at Camaron Dorado Restaurant. Soft and juicy tenderloin served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes, crispy snapper, lobster grilled to perfection, breaded calamari, mahi mahi with garlic, and many other delicious alternatives are some of the delicious meals you can try at this cozy place blessed with the amazingly relaxing sound of the waves crashing in front.

Enjoy some fresh, local Costa Rican food, including high-quality seafood, at Camaron Dorado.

Soda Brasilito

Soda Brasilito is a good place to visit if you want to try traditional Costa Rican dishes. Savory food at a very good price is guaranteed in this place. The old and well-known saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” perfectly applies here. This humble and not very pretty establishment with plastic chairs may seem not very inviting, but it is always full and with good reason as every bite is worth stopping by.

Soda Brasilito is a fabulous place to try traditional Costa Rican food, like gallo pinto!


Top Quality Coffee & More

For the ones who always crave a good cup of coffee and sweet treats to accompany it, here there are a couple of options.

Deli Cafe

Deli Cafe is a popular little spot in Brasilito known for its high-quality pastries like muffins, brownies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, cookies, croissants, cinnamon rolls, paninis, and the list goes on. The flavorful hot and cold coffee options are also praised by locals and visitors alike. The quality of all the products they have is simply spectacular, you should pay a little visit there.

Enjoy delicious pastries, coffee, and light meals at Deli Cafe in Playa Brasilito.

Agua y Sal

Last but certainly not least, we want to suggest you visit Agua y Sal (which translates as Water and Salt). This is another artisan bakery and coffee shop where you can enjoy traditional local recipes accompanied by the renowned world-class coffee of Costa Rica. They have a friendly ambiance filled with the delicious smells coming out of their freshly baked goods and coffee. Tasty treats like decadent macaroons, lemon cheesecake, or smoothy pumpkin pie are only a few examples of the must-try delicacies at Agua y Sal.

After waking up, walk down to Agua y Sal for breakfast, coffee, fresh-baked breads, pastries, sandwiches, and other homemade goods.

Everybody can agree that the best thing to do after going to the beach is to head to a good restaurant to be delighted by the excellent food. Although the area surrounding Playa Brasilito and Playa Conchal is not that big, you can count on good eateries to try not only local flavors but international dishes that will satisfy your palate.


Enjoy These Playa Conchal & Playa Brasilito, Costa Rica, Restaurants When You Stay with Special Places of Costa Rica

If you fall in love with this area and would like to evaluate the options for buying or renting one of the amazing properties available at Brasilito, Conchal, or any other part of Guanacaste, our staff at Special Places of Costa Rica will be delighted to help you.

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