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You know it’s the Pura Vida when you take the wheel on a catamaran sailing trip in Playa Flamingo instead of steering your car through the traffic jam on the way to work!

However, before we take a closer look at the catamaran boat tour, I just want to mention a few things about this amazingly beautiful country in general, and  let you know about some of the other things you can do. Yes, I’m saving the best for last. The best in terms of relaxation, that is.

The other stuff is pretty fun, too.

So bear with me.

Pura Vida – “The Good Life”

Costa Rican locals, known as Ticos, have a reputation for living the good life. That’s no surprise considering that Costa Rica has been named the happiest country in the world! Being known as one of the most prosperous and progressive nations in South America, Costa Rica is an island with easy-going laid-back holiday charm.

Besides being happy Costa Rica is also famous for some other stuff. For example, it features an incredibly diverse plant and wildlife.

Consequently, Costa Rica has long stood by a commitment to protect its natural resources. Promoting eco-tourism in order to preserve its incredible natural abundance and exquisite beauty is one example of that. Today, Costa Rica has become a world leader in progressive environmental policies.

Whether you go to explore deep green mysterious jungles or to spend time walking along white sand beaches, this little island nestled with the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other welcomes tourists with open arms.  Prepare to ease into a simpler life between luscious forest and azure seas. 

Costa Rica features huge coast lines with many unbelievably beautiful beaches, some of which can only be accessed by boat.


Playa Flamingo – A Special Place

It’s not easy to pick out special places among the infinite ones that Costa Rica has to offer. However, there are certain spots that even Ticos and Ticas rave about. Spots that are known for their peaceful sunsets and warm welcoming atmosphere. One of them is Playa Flamingo. It’s one of those surreal places with incredible beauty that you would think only exist in movies.

Playa Flamingo is an over a mile-long beautiful crescent of soft playful sand. It has gained an international reputation as one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations.

If you’re looking for crystal white sand beaches, blue lagoons, or spectacular natural rock formations, then look no further. Situated in Guanacaste province, the geography of the coast creates an endlessly explorable maze of secluded beaches and hidden lagoons. Holiday homes range between luxury villas to more basic lodging. They are all framed by the island’s lush vegetation and landscapes. 

The beautiful Guanacaste province can be found in the north of the island. Despite it being a natural utopia, it remains one of the most sparsely populated corners of the island. 


Costa Rica – A Natural Spa!

You can sit back and enjoy the luxury of Playa Flamingo, waking up late to enjoy lunch in the jungle or quiet sunset walks across secluded beaches that you will only access by taking a boat tour. Take your time sunbathing or go for a dip in the warm water of the west coast. With Playa Flamingo also featuring an 18-hole golf course nearby, there are so many ways to take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Costa Rica is famous for its biodiversity in regard to plant and animal life. Head inland to take a visit to the Santa Rosa National Park or the Palo Verde natural reserve and see how many of the millions of native bird species you can spot.

Some of the rare natural species that a visitor can expect to find in the area surrounding Playa Flamingo are White Ibis and Blue Winged Tea. Also, the Marino Las Baulas National Park is one of the best places in the world to see the endangered leatherback turtle.

You would think that this beautiful exotic bird – the Motmot – would only be seen in the deep tropical forest. In reality, you can find such birds everywhere in Costa Rica.


Get The Heart Pumping

For the more adventurous traveler, Playa Flamingo is home to more high energy entertainment. Have you ever considered ziplining? Imagine flying through lush jungle undergrowth as you speed down the line!

Or, if you’re not ready to give yourself quite so over to gravity, try horse riding. Perhaps there is no better way to explore the lush green coast than on horseback, snaking between thick jungle and sparkling white sand beaches.

You are still not tired? There are various hikes available that stretch along the coast, where you can find the hidden treasures of the Costa Rican coastline.


Boat Tour Into the Deep Blue Sea

With so much to do on land, you could be forgiven for forgetting that some of the greatest Costa Rican treasures are in its waters. Gently lapping the beaches, the waters of Costa Rica are teaming with marine life. Casual swimmers will have an audience of all sorts of colorful creatures that can be found in the shallows.  

More adventurous swimmers may search the inlets with a snorkel in order to learn what life is really like beneath the waves. Of course, all of this Marine life makes Costa Rica a natural hotspot for diving with multiple tours operating around Playa Flamingo. However, if you choose to enjoy it, getting out on the ocean adds a whole new dimension to the island’s beauty. 

Playa Flamingo is famous for its opportunities to dive with manta rays. These oceanic mammals can reach up to 7m in width and can glide silently through the ocean at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. If visiting in the right season it is possible to see manta rays breaching the surface. The best way to catch this incredible event is while on one of the various boat tours. My favorite one is the catamaran sailing trip in Playa Flamingo.

You’ll soon know why.


Catamaran Sailing Trip – A Must Do Boat Tour In Costa Rica

One of the most popular activities in Playa Flamingo is to explore the coastline on one of the many catamarans. Think sunset, a cold drink in hand, sipping as birds soar overhead and manta rays glide underneath. Clear blue water means that the oceans delights are offered up to any passengers on the boats that anchor off of Costa Rica’s beaches.

Enjoy the fascinating Costa Rican sunsets while enjoying a cold drink with your friends and family on your catamaran sailing trip.

Catamaran sailing trips are an exceptional way to explore the coast. Guests on the trips enjoy 4 hours drifting on azure waters looking back on the forested cliffs.

All of the Costa Rican coast is available to view. You will receive a completely different perspective than on land. Perhaps you will spot remote inlets to explore when you get to shore. So make sure to pack your sun scream, towels, and your bathing suite, too.

Catamarans are more stable than standard sailboats. The boat’s two hulls allow it to cut through the water with ease, transporting you into a perfect adventure around the coast of this beautiful island. All the while, your captain and crew will make sure that you are looked after in style and luxury.

You can book a catamaran sailing trip in Playa Flamingo from a variety of different tour operators. However, for further advice, speak to the Special Places of Costa Rica concierge who will be able to inform you on the different packages available. 


Catamaran Sailing Trips and the Secrets of Costa Rica

Many of the trips head north towards Las Catalinas. Drifting past the beautiful beaches of Playa Penca and Prieta. There are also a number of islands that litter the coast. Those are only accessible by boat so that they offer a perfect playground. Jump off, swim ashore and enjoy these little virgin corners all to yourself.

Catamarans also offer a unique way to access Costa Rica’s most isolated and secret corners. Now able to approach from the ocean, you will have the opportunity to weigh anchor and spend time in your own completely secluded beach. 

The tropical utopia is real, and it feels incredible to enter into such picture postcard beautiful scenes. There are beautiful caves to explore. And it’s not uncommon for curious turtles to meet the newcomers to join you, who make for friendly and exotic locals.


Costa Rican Marine Life

If you’re looking for a marine tour, it’s possible to find expert guides who are willing to show you all the best spots to see marine life.

Make sure to ask in advance what kind of service is being provided and if you’re arriving in the right season for that. The experienced guides will help you make the most out of your trip. Therefore, you’ll know exactly where to find starfish and the famous leatherback turtles. 

Costa Rican marine life boasts millions of different species beneath the waters. Expert tour guides can take you to places in which you can see starfish, leatherback turtles, and other exotic creatures of the sea live and in person.

Marine life is in abundance. And the warm waters are welcoming for those who like to spend time below the ocean’s surface. Think of the millions of Costa Rica’s native species of birds circling overhead and a collection of marine life hard to find anywhere else in the world swimming beneath. It’s easy to see why the catamaran sailing trip in Playa Flamingo is hard to forget. 

Sure, there are numerous vacation options available. There are many rental villas and hotel rooms. Nevertheless, those looking for a unique view of Costa Rica should not miss a catamaran sailing trip in Playa Flamingo. This will be an experience that you’ll treasure forever. Once you leave this amazing island having felt Costa Rica’s special spell, yearning to go back.

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