Costa Rica is Beautiful in the Rainy Season

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10 Costa Rica Rainy “Green” Season Travel Perks

Courtesy of Sarah Meils, Contributing Author

The rainy or “green” season from May to November is actually a preferred travel time for many seasoned Costa Rica travelers. Why, you ask?

So you’ve got your heart set on Costa Rica, but those storm clouds make you a bit nervous. Don’t be. The Costa Rica rainy season is a common concern for travelers, but don’t let the rain keep you away.

An Afternoon Repose

Andaz Papagayo outdoor spa pavillion

First, let’s reexamine this concept of rain. I can assure you that the vision you have of shivering in your bathing suit on the beach in a rainstorm is not an accurate representation of the rainy season in Costa Rica. Although I cannot guarantee the weather, typically rainy season mornings are bright and sunny with afternoon showers that roll in for a couple of hours. And if you’ve been out adventuring and bronzing by the pool all day, their presence is welcome. This is the perfect time for a spa treatment, a well-deserved afternoon nap, or a quick bath before dinner.

Less Crowds

Hmm… which beach chair will you choose?

Consider it to your benefit that the rainy season doesn’t get all the hype that its hot sister, the dry season, gets. Less crowds mean more beach chairs, less people on your day tour, and more personalized service. Who doesn’t love that?

You Can Be Impulsive

Now you can take that hanging bridges tour!

If you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of traveler, you’ll love this. Less people means that if you see something you like – whether that be a tour or a room upgrade – you can book it.

You Don’t Have to Plan so Far Ahead

There is a lot less urgency in the green season. So if you want to do a last minute trip to Costa Rica, you can. In the rainy season, it’s entirely possible to put a trip together a month in advance. No need to fixate on the details. A laid back, stress-free experience is what it’s all about after all.

The Best Pura Vida Experience

You can experience the Pura Vida way of life anytime, anywhere during your trip to Costa Rica. This no worries, go-with-the-flow kind of attitude is best understood when interacting with locals. Talk to your tour guide, the bus boy, whoever. The people of Costa Rica are friendly and eager to share their culture. And the best way to experience that is without all the hustle and bustle that the dry season can bring.

A local Octogenarian displays his musical finesse!

Better Prices

Upgrade to the Kura Design Villas.

Naturally, less demand means better prices. Travel in the green season and you basically have just given yourself a complimentary upgrade. Yes please. Just consider that it’s not unheard of to have exactly the same itinerary in green season and pay half the price. Do you see the light yet? And of course, we can help with adding upgrades.

Less Heat

The beaches are practically private during the green season

Okay, I get it. You want to be hot on vacation. And Costa Rica will definitely bring the heat. No pun intended. But one of the greatest perks of those afternoon showers is that it cools everything off. Ahh, refreshing.

Everything is so GREEN

Everything is so lush and green!

Keep in mind, Costa Rica is a tropical region with a variety of rainforest ecosystems. And in order to see that lush, green landscape we all love so much- it must rain. I don’t mean to be that girl, but isn’t that part of why we’re visiting?

More Wildlife

The local Howler Monkeys are a favorite among locals and tourists alike

In the rainy season, the animals of Costa Rica come to life. Not only is the forest rejuvenated with the rain, but so are the animals. Everything is green, food is plentiful, and new animals are born making the entire forest more active. It certainly helps that there are less people on the trails too.

Costa Rica is Below the Hurricane Belt

The infamous hurricanes of the Caribbean are another concern for rainy season travelers. Fortunately for us, Costa Rica is below the hurricane belt. So while you can expect to have afternoon showers if you’re visiting the Caribbean Coast in September and October, peak hurricane season for the Caribbean islands, you don’t need to worry about hurricanes.

If the thought of rain is still too much to bear, consider traveling to destinations in the north of Costa Rica where the climate is more arid. The little tropical desert-style beaches of Guanacaste might be a great fit.

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