6 Places to Try Smoothies in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Smoothies are not only delicious and refreshing but quite healthy drinks loaded with many vitamins. If you are not familiar with the term smoothie, it is the mixture of either milk, yogurt, or water with one or more fruits. Depending on the place, you can also add protein powder or any other healthy ally such as linseed, or chia seeds, among others to your Costa Rica smoothies.

If you are in Guanacaste or plan to visit this paradise soon, take note of the top six places where you can go to try some extravagant flavors from the unique fresh fruit Costa Rica has to offer.


Mandarina Tropical Juice Bar

Google Map Address: 8525+HVQ, Tamarindo, Guanacaste 

Known for being a breakfast and brunch restaurant, Mandarina Tropical Juice Bar is also a great place to go to taste a delicious smoothie.

A sign for Mandarina Tropical Juice Bar in Costa Rica

Like most smoothie spots, they already have their menu, but they also give you the choice to create your own blend by choosing the base (either water, milk, yogurt, almond milk, coconut milk, or ice cream), choosing the size, and finally deciding the fruits you want.

Their suggested menu includes:

Citrus punch

Cherry+ mango+ yogurt

Bananas+ pineapple+ coconut

Coconut+ pineapple+ passion fruit

Lemonade+ coconut+ ginger

Bananas+ peanut butter

Pineapple + basil+ orange

Chocolate+ bananas

Acai+ strawberry+ blueberry

Mango+ ginger


Costa Juice 

Costa Juice is situated in Plaza Tamarindo. Their menu has great Costa Rica smoothies with superfoods and no added sugar. Some of their most creative blends are:

A juice bar with outdoor seating. plants, pendant lights, and a menu at the entrance

Pura Vida: a one-of-a-kind combination of pineapple, mango, ginger, orange, and hemp seeds.

Tropical Lush: this delicious blend is recommended for weight loss. It has coconut water, blueberries, kale, lemon, and pineapple.

Maca fuel: it is a mind-blowing mix of maca powder, banana, peanut butter, almond milk, and vanilla.

Pink power: The color of this smoothie is surreal, thanks to the uncommon and crazy healthy dragon fruit. The mix also includes banana, pineapple, orange, and ginger.

Reactivated boost: the taste of this smoothie will probably leave you craving for more. It combines cacao nibs, bananas, peanut butter, oatmeal, honey, and almond milk.

At Costa Juice you are free to make your own smoothie combining whatever fruit you like with any of their superfoods (including spirulina, maca powder, raw cacao, pollen, chia seeds, ginseng extract, cacao nibs, and more), greens and roots (like mint, ginger, celery, turmeric, spinach, and kale), peanut butter, granola, oatmeal and Greek yogurt, including other nutritious options.


Vida Bowls Food Truck

Located at the intersection of the roads that lead to Huacas and Brasilito is the flashy and colorful Vida Bowls Food Truck. It is loaded with tons of flavorful and healthy options in case you crave something sweet, including smoothies. You can easily recognize it by its green leaves and cool logo. They also attend the night market in Tamarindo on Thursday nights and the regular farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.

A food truck for Vida Bowls with a serving counter serving acai bowls, smoothies, and other fruity treats

Even when their signature product is bowls, they also have Costa Rica smoothies that you can choose from three different options:

1. A base of acai plus 2 fruits and 4 toppings.

2. A base of 3 fruits and 4 toppings.

3. Turning any of their 9 unique bowl combinations into a smoothie.

You can choose to have yours mixed in either coconut milk, coconut water, or bottled water. You can also select from any of the following sweeteners: raw sugar, palm honey, or agave. All the products Vida Bowls Food Truck offers are exquisite, making it quite difficult for you to choose only one.


Java Coffee

Google Map Address: H835+Q2W, Next to Las Palmas, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

If you happen to be in Coco, you cannot miss Java Coffee, not only for its amazing menu but for its equally tasty smoothies. They offer immunity, energy, and detox smoothies. Just to name a few of them, there is “Verdacido,” one of their immunity choices. It is a mix of green mango, mint, lime, orange juice, and honey. Within the energy smoothies, there is “Sweet Kiwi,” which combines kiwi, pineapple, and grapes. Among the Detox smoothies, there is “Explosion de Sabor,” meaning flavor explosion; it combines watermelon, passion fruit, cas, strawberries, orange juice, and honey. Make sure to visit them and pick your favorite.

The storefront of Java in Costa Rica, selling coffee, smoothies, paninis, bagels, and waffles


Fruity y Smoothie

Google Map Address: G8X3+9V, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste

Fruity y Smoothie has at your disposal many variations: from vegan to what they call Gym and fruit smoothies. In this place, they have indeed put their heads together and taken the time to come up with fun and creative names for their refreshing drinks. From their vegan options, let us mention the “Dragonfly” made with kiwi, cucumber, basil, broccoli, and green apple. You can also choose “Fox” and taste this unique smoothie that combines carrot, beetroot, orange juice, lemon, and coriander. In regards to the gym smoothies, they have “Hercules,” a delicious mix of banana, oatmeal, peanut butter, peanuts, almond milk, cinnamon, and yes, more almonds. Give “King Kong” a try and be surprised with its mix of banana, red apple, blackberry, milk, and cinnamon. There are many more cool options to choose from, but we are sure that with these few smoothies we have painted a good picture of what you can find there.

An orange smoothie sitting on a cutting board with tropical fruits and limes surrounding it


Organic Land

Google Map Address: VFMC+3MJ, Sámara, Guanacaste

Located in the popular beach town of Sámara, Organic Land is a small but lovely place offering a wide variety of super healthy drinks, including specialty, protein, and regular fruit smoothies. The difference between them is that the specialty ones have unusual add-ins that upgrade both the flavor and the nutritional content of your smoothie. For example, you can find “Samara Green,” which has banana, chia seeds, and spirulina powder. “Tropical Blend” is another distinctive smoothie made with mango, banana, and shredded coconut, while “Balance” contains avocado, banana, flax seed, and spirulina.

Try These Delicious Costa Rica Smoothies

As you can see there are different mouth-watering options to choose from if you crave a unique, delicious, and nutritious Costa Rican smoothie while in Guanacaste. We leave over your shoulders the heavy burden of deciding where to go and which of all those tasty smoothies to try. Rest assured that any of these amazing spots will delight your palate leaving you with the desire to return to try a different flavor.

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