Costa Rica vs. Panama: Which Should I Visit?

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If you’re trying to choose a vacation destination in Central America, you may be torn between two excellent options: Costa Rica vs. Panama. While Costa Rica and Panama have similar draws for tourists, such as breathtaking beaches, lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, and epic adventures, each tourist destination has something unique to offer.

If you need help deciding whether to visit Costa Rica vs. Panama, read our analysis of these two countries below to determine which is best for you — and discover why we think Costa Rica is the superior vacation destination!

Capital City

Panama and Costa Rica have a few of the top capital cities in Central America. However, because of the nearby attractions and buzzy city life, one city tends to attract more tourists than the other — Panama City!


Panama City

Panama City is a bustling urban metropolis consistently ranked as one of the top cities in Central America. While here, you can enjoy the perfect blend of the modern city skyline mixed with cobblestone streets and boutique hotels in Casco Antiguo.

Unlike many major cities in Central America, Panama City is a bustling, developed urban hub.

Panama City is also filled with upscale restaurants, shopping malls, fascinating museums, and unique cultural tourism sites to explore, like the ruins of Old Panama and the Panama Canal.


San Jose

Costa Rica’s capital is San José. Although this city offers plenty of attractions, like the Jade Museum and Pre-Columbian Gold Museum — it’s less of a destination than Panama City. Costa Rica has two international airports, one in San Jose and another in Liberia, so tourists heading straight to the Pacific Coast may not even pass through central San Jose.

San Jose isn’t a big destination in Costa Rica, but that’s just because the country’s wildlife, nature, and beaches are so popular!

Plus, there is a reason why many tourists don’t visit San Jose. With a country of gorgeous beaches, rainforests, and national parks to explore, there is hardly any time to explore the museums, restaurants, and attractions that this city has to offer!


While you can’t go wrong with Costa Rica or Panama for a beach vacation, each country offers different types of beautiful beaches, from surfing hotspots to island escapes, that may lead you to prefer one over the other.


Costa Rica

Costa Rican beaches are some of the most beautiful in Latin America. When you visit, you’ll have 300+ beaches to choose from — talk about the ultimate beach vacation, right?

With 300+ beaches in Costa Rica, you have your fair share of sandy retreats to choose from on a beach vacation.

While the beaches along the Caribbean Sea are beautiful, it’s the beaches along the Pacific Ocean that keep tourists coming back year after year. The Guanacaste Province is home to stunning beaches with white, soft sand, such as Playa Flamingo and Playa Hermosa. The Nicoya Peninsula offers spectacular surfing beaches like Tamarindo and Nosara.



Panama beaches have something for everyone — adrenaline junkies can catch waves at Santa Catalina on the Pacific Coast, and beach bums can have their fair share of gorgeous islands to choose from for a relaxing vacation, like the Pearl Islands.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, head to the San Blas Islands on the country’s Caribbean side, with hundreds of islands to choose from, each featuring bushy palm trees, sandy beaches, snorkeling spots, and blue fluorescent water.

If sipping on a cocktail in the island sun sounds right up your alley, you’ll love the hundreds of islands you can visit scattered around Panama.

Nature & Wildlife

Both Panama and Costa Rica are filled with cloud forests, lush rainforests, marine parks, and national parks where you can come face-to-face with exotic wildlife. However, one of these Central American countries outshines the other in its conservation efforts — Costa Rica!


Costa Rica

You might be surprised to discover that over 30% of Costa Rica is protected in national parks and wildlife preserves — making Costa Rica the world’s leader in conservation.

The cloud forests in Costa Rica are a spectacular place to see exotic birds, mammals, reptiles, flowers, and plants.

In the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, you can see hundreds of unique birds, amphibians, and reptiles. In Tortuguero National Park, tourists can visit a protected breeding ground for green sea turtles. In Corcovado National Park, you can embark on a multi-day tour through the rainforest to see tapirs, pumas, monkeys, and ocelots.

If you adore marine animals, you can watch humpback whales at Golfo Dulce or swim with hammerhead sharks at Cocos Island National Marine Park. As you can see, it’s impossible not to have an animal encounter during your time in Costa Rica!



While opportunities aren’t quite as ample as in Costa Rica — Panama still offers plenty of opportunities for nature and wildlife encounters.

Tourists can watch olive ridley sea turtles lay their eggs on the stunning beaches of Islas Cañas, enjoy whale-watching excursions in the Golfo de Chiriquí, and go bird-watching in Soberanía National Park along the Pipeline Road. In fact, more than 400 bird species have been identified in this national park — making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

You can see colorful birds, like these, in the tropical rainforests of both Panama and Costa Rica.

Outdoor Adventures

Costa Rica and Panama are packed with epic excursions that allow you to explore each country’s natural beauty. However, again, Costa Rica beats out Panama when it comes to epic outdoor adventures!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is jam-packed with tons of fun adventures for such a small country, like ziplining, diving, rafting, and more. Costa Rica has a more developed tourism sector than most other countries in Central America, and the country’s economy relies heavily on tourism.

If you crave adventure, head to Costa Rica for opportunities to go rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, zip-lining, and more!

Book a canopy or ziplining tour over Arenal Volcano National Park, enjoy a refreshing soak in the natural hot springs in La Fortuna, or try your hand (or feet!) surfing at Manuel Antonio National Park or Tamarindo Beach. These are just a few of the many fantastic tours and excursions you can enjoy in Costa Rica!



While not quite as diverse as the adventures in Costa Rica, Panama still has its fair share of activities tourists will enjoy! Hikers will love trekking to the top of Volcán Barú (just to name one of the many hikes in Panama!), snorkeling at Chiriqui Marine National Park, surfing at Bocas del Toro, and exploring the Nivida Bat Caves.

Both Costa Rica and Panama offer fabulous hikes, but if you are looking for more challenging treks, you will likely love the options in Panama.


Both Panama and Costa Rica have dry and rainy seasons, but they span slightly different timeframes. Depending on when you’re planning your vacation — you may want to choose one country over the other for ideal weather conditions.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s dry season lasts from December to April, and the green season lasts from May to November (the rainiest months are September & October).

You can still join tours during the rainy season. Still, many Costa Ricans shorten their hours or close down altogether during these months, so if an adventurous vacation is important to you — the green season may not be the best time to visit.



Since Panama is closer to South America (and the equator), the dry season is a bit later than Costa Rica, lasting from January to May, and the green season lasts from June to December.

If it’s imperative for you to travel in December — Costa Rica takes the cake for the best weather. But, if you’re traveling in May, you’ll likely have sunny, dry weather in Panama, while conditions in Costa Rica will be cooler and rainier.

Both Costa Rica & Panama Offer Something Unique for Tourists: Which One Will You Visit?

While it’s up to you to decide which Latin American country is best for your tropical vacation, if you’re anything like us — you’ll want to embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle in Costa Rica!

If you’re ready to enjoy the beautiful beaches, epic adventures, local food, and local culture in Costa Rica, we hope you’ll stay in one of our vacation rentals in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Located in Playa Flamingo or Playas del Coco, our beachfront homes, condos, and villas offer easy access to some of the best beaches, attractions, and nature parks in Costa Rica.

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