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Diamante Eco Adventure Park epitomizes ecotourism and adventure and is spread across over a hundred acres of pristine natural landscapes. Visitors can enjoy an unmatched fusion of exciting activities and immersive experiences amidst Costa Rica’s diverse biodiversity. From soaring through the canopy on zip lines to tranquil horseback rides along the beach, Diamante Eco Adventure Park caters to thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of this tropical paradise.

How to Get There

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is conveniently located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, amidst lush rainforests and stunning coastal vistas in the province of Guanacaste, just a short drive from Liberia International Airport. The park welcomes visitors of all ages and interests to embark on a journey of discovery and exploration. The exact address is 5 km (3 miles) south of Playas del Coco, in Liberia.

The Essence of Diamante Eco Adventure Park

A panoramic view of a crescent-shaped bay with a sandy beach. The clear blue waters gently lap against the shore, bordered by lush greenery and rugged hills under a bright blue sky.
Diamante Eco Adventure Park blends educational experiences with eco-conscious practices.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is more than just a collection of attractions – it’s a testament to Costa Rica’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism. Established with the vision of preserving the region’s natural wonders while providing unique and educational experiences for visitors, Diamante embodies the principles of eco-consciousness and environmental stewardship. Every aspect of the park’s operation, from construction to daily management, is carefully planned to minimize environmental impact and promote biodiversity conservation. Diamante strives to inspire others to appreciate and protect the natural world by offering a responsible alternative to traditional tourism.

Diamante Adventure Packages and Attractions

Adventure awaits around every corner at Diamante Eco Adventure Park, where you can choose from a diverse array of exhilarating activities.


Discovery Pass

A vibrant toucan with a striking orange beak perched on a branch, with a green parrot in the blurred background among the foliage.
The Discovery Pass offers a 1.5-hour self-guided tour of an Animal Sanctuary for an immersive wildlife experience with rescued and rehabilitated animals.

The Discovery Pass is a wonderful 1,5 hours self-guided tour that involves an outstanding Animal Sanctuary. This is an immersive Costa Rican wildlife experience where you interact with all the animals that have been rescued and rehabilitated here. From playful capuchin monkeys to majestic jaguars, each resident has a story to tell, offering a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation efforts in preserving endangered species and their habitats. The cost of this pass is $42 for adults and $34 for children.


ATV Tour

Two individuals riding red all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) across a sandy area under a clear sky, with both riders wearing protective helmets.
The park’s ATV tour offers an adrenaline-fueled hour of exploration through mountains, forests, and scenic views.

Exploring this park’s great property, including its mountains, forest, and magnificent views, is just part of what you can experience in the ATV tour. In one hour, you will increase your level of adrenaline and adventure while getting acquainted with every inch of the park. You must be 16 years old and pay $68 to ride an ATV alone. If you want to ride a double ATV, you must also be 16 years old and pay $78.


Aerial Pass

Get ready to invest 2 hours completing what is known to be one of the park’s flagship attractions, a world-class zip line course featuring the longest dual line in Central America. Suspended high above the treetops, thrill-seekers can glide effortlessly through the forest canopy, taking in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding landscape. For those seeking an extra rush of adrenaline, the Superman zip line allows participants to soar headfirst like a superhero, reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The cost is $78 for adults (11 years of age and above) and $63 for kids (5 -10 years old).


Cultural Experience Tour

Close-up of a person's hands examining a cluster of green coffee cherries on a plant, surrounded by large, lush leaves.
Visitors can explore over a century’s worth of farming practices and engage in making chocolate, coffee, and “Agua Dulce.”

Discover a historical trip in an authentic Costa Rican farmhouse tucked away in the Diamante Eco Adventure Park Botanical Garden. This ancient farmhouse, called a “Casita,” authentically mimics the layout, aesthetic, and building materials utilized by rural Costa Rican farmers for more than a century. Take a guided history tour and go back in time to learn about the farming lifestyle of these people.

Discover firsthand how sugarcane, coffee plants, and cacao trees are used to make chocolate, coffee, and sugar. You will also experience hands-on activities such as preparing chocolate from cacao, learning about coffee farming, and creating “Agua Dulce” (sweet water) with an organic sugarcane press. Children ages 9 and under pay $44, while adults and kids over 10 years old pay $55. This tour also includes the Discovery Pass.


Horseback Riding Tour

A woman with long blonde hair riding a dark horse along the beach at sunset, with golden light reflecting off the ocean waves in the background.
The Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers a one-hour horseback riding tour along the Pacific Ocean.

Experience the beauty of the Diamante Eco Adventure Park through a one-hour horseback riding tour where you can enjoy stunning views, wildlife encounters, and trails that wind through the dry tropical forest. Choose between inland routes or a scenic ride along the Pacific Ocean. Led by an expert riding staff and trainers, you can opt for a private tour or join a group, with options available for all skill levels. To ride horses, kids must be at least 8 years old, and the cost for children and adults alike is $55.


All-Day Adventure Pass

If you want to experience all Diamante Park has to offer, your best bet is to buy the all-day adventure pass. It takes 5 hours and costs $118 per adult and $95 per child. In addition to all the previously mentioned tours, you will have a typical Costa Rican buffet lunch, coffee, and fruit drinks from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Butterfly Observatory

A young girl with a serene expression gazes at a large brown butterfly resting on her finger, with its wings displaying eye-like patterns. The background is softly blurred, highlighting the butterfly and the interaction in a lush garden setting.
Visitors can observe intricate butterfly patterns and movements up close and learn about their behaviors, life cycles, and crucial environmental roles.

As you approach this enchanting place, you can expect to be dazzled by fluttering wings and brilliant hues. A kaleidoscope of beautiful butterflies will surround you, dancing and fluttering among blossoming flowers and rich vegetation. Spend some time observing these beautiful creatures up close and marveling at their dexterous movements and fascinating patterns. Through engaging displays and informed guides, you can learn more about butterflies’ behavior and life cycle and their vital function in the environment.


Botanical Garden

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is a paradise for those who love nature, with a wealth of native plants, fruit trees, and native animals, making it more than just an exciting amusement park. Visitors are taken to a world of botanical wonders here, where towering trees and colorful blossoms create a lovely scene.

Stroll down winding paths while taking in the sweet aromas of exotic flowers and the soft rustle of leaves. Take in the abundance of flora that has been meticulously protected in this sanctuary, ranging from rare and endangered plants to native species. The botanical garden of Diamante Eco Adventure Park provides an enthralling getaway into the wonders of nature, whether one is looking for peaceful moments or instructive insights into Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity.


Diamante Eco Adventure Park typically operates throughout the year, offering visitors the opportunity to experience its attractions and activities. The park is open daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

With its blend of adrenaline-fueled adventures, immersive wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences, Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers a world of discovery and excitement for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking heart-pounding adventures, an immersive wildlife sanctuary, or cultural experiences, you will find here an activity to get your heart racing and leave you craving more. With a commitment to sustainability, conservation, and community engagement, Diamante invites you to experience the beauty and wonder of Costa Rica’s natural treasures firsthand. Come discover your own adventure at Diamante Eco Adventure Park – where thrills, nature, and culture converge in perfect harmony.

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