Rainy Season in Costa Rica: 6 Amazing Things To Do

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“Rainy season in Costa Rica – ever thought of going? Don’t Let The Words ‘Rainy Season’ Fool You. Here’s 5 Amazing Things To Do During Costa Rica’s Wettest Months…”

That’s how many days there are roughly in Costa Rica’s rainy season. Spanning from the beginning of May right through to the end of November, on the surface it can be hard to see why anyone would want to visit during these months.

I mean, the last thing you might want to see is more rain – right?

Well, not quite. As you’ll soon see, while May to November is considered ‘rainy season’ in Costa Rica all might not be as bad you first envisioned. There are a whole host of reasons why you should visit Costa Rica in these months. In this article I’m going to give you the top 5 things to do during rainy season.

First things first however…

Does it Rain A lot in Costa Rica?

You’ll be glad to know that rainy season doesn’t just start kicking the country into submission from May 1st and ending half way through November. There’s a gradual build to it, starting around May, peaking in September and October and then dying down around the middle of November. Then, returning to mostly dry weather come December.

So, while it is technically ‘rainy season’, May to July are still great months to visit. There’s sunshine to be enjoyed in the early parts of the day and, even in the wettest of months there’s light at the end of the rainforest…

While both September and October are the rainiest months in Costa Rica, because the climate differs depending on the region you visit, you’ll still be able to find plenty of sun. So if you plan to visit during this time of the year head to the Caribbean Coast – where you’ll enjoy the driest weather the country has to offer.

Finally, you’ll be glad to know you won’t be encountering any hurricanes. Because Costa Rica sits below the hurricane belt it’s largely protected from any high speed winds and weather than can cause havoc.

Interested in learning more about Costa Rica? Here’s 10 more things you probably didn’t know about this beautiful country.

With that out of the way here are some reasons why you should visit Costa Rica during rainy season months.

Benefits of Heading to Costa Rica During Rainy Season

  • Better Deals

Rainy weather means fewer tourists. Less tourist’s means there are more deals and discounts to be found.

  • You’ll be able to find cheaper accommodation
  • Pay less for things such as bike and car rentals
  • And, fly to this beautiful region of the world on discounted prices

If you’re looking for the cheapest month to fly to Costa Rica September is probably your best bet. But, flying any month between August and October will get you the best deals on flights.

If you’re on a budget, Costa Rica’s rainy season is a great opportunity to save some money and still experience this beautiful place in all its glory.

  • Local Cultural Events to Experience

If you’re one to mix with the locals and see what, where and how they celebrate local events – rainy season is the time to visit. From turtle nesting to whale watching, Costa Rican’s are proud of their country and like to celebrate the events that bring them some of the most unique experiences the world has to offer.

Costa Rica is home to many cultural events. As a tourist you can watch, listen and even join in to give yourself a true sense of local-life in Costa Rica.
  • Cooler Temperatures 

There’s no denying it: we all love a bit of sun. But, visiting Costa Rica in the cooler months provides a better balance of climate. For the most part you can enjoy the sun in the morning and as the rain arrives in the afternoon things will start to cool down.

  • You Can Still Enjoy The Sun!

As already mentioned, while most of the country will experience rain, if you head towards towards the Caribbean Coast you can still enjoy a good healthy dose of vitamin d.

Costa Rica Rainy Season: Top 6 Things To Do

With that all wrapped up, let’s delve into some of the best experiences on offer during rainy season…


Get The True Rainforest Experience

‘Rainy Season’ also known as ‘Green Season’ brings the Costa Rican landscape back to life again, by painting everything in beautiful, vibrant colors.

The arrival of the rain, also known as ‘Green Season’ starts to paint the Costa Rican landscape in beautiful colors.

Where the sun dries everything up in the summer months, the rain brings it all back to life in the rainy months. Rich and vibrant colors take place everywhere. From, waterfalls, rivers, wildlife, flowers, trees – you name it, the rain brings it all back to life again.

As I mentioned above, the rain also brings the temperature down. You’ll be able to get a true rainforest experience without the scorching heat the summer months bring.

Quick note: If you plan to do any activities try and schedule them in as early as possible. This tends to be the driest part of day. Also, remember to pack suitable clothing and if you plan to drive anywhere, ensure you rent a 4×4 as the roads might get a little hard to handle.


Experience ‘Turtle Season’

Every year between August and December, Ostional beach is home to what locals call ‘Arribada’, or in English – ‘Arrival’. It involves hundreds of thousands of nesting female sea turtles coming to lay their eggs. They climb up on the beach, choose a spot and lay anywhere between 80-100 eggs at a time.

Around 40-55 days later these eggs will hatch. Each baby turtle will have to make the arduous journey out of its nest, across the sand and into the beach – evading vultures, dogs and raccoons along the way.

From the moment the eggs are laid to the time they start making their first steps towards the ocean, locals and visitors alike are allowed to protect and secure ‘safe passage’ to the water.

It’s such a remarkable event and is something that should be on your Costa Rican checklist you plan to visit during these months.


Take Part in the Annual Whale and Dolphin Festival

Costa Rica has some of the most enviable whale activity in the world. There are 2 migrations with the largest one happening right in the peak of rainy season.

Around the middle of September, people gather for the annual Whale and Dolphin Festival. Locals and tourists wait in anticipation to see the southern humpback whale arrive on the coasts of Costa Rica. These humpback whales have made the long journey from the Antarctic and have come to give birth to their calves.

The most common way to watch the whales is by boat; however you can also experience the whales up close and personal by SUP and Kayak.

The festival is a great opportunity to:

  • Learn about humpback whales
  • Find and book a whale watching tour
  • Take part in other organized activities


Go Water Rafting

Rain fills the rivers and waterfalls in Costa Rica, making it the perfect time to enjoy a swim and go white water rafting

Like many of the other activities on this list, you can go water rafting in the height of summer – no problem. However, it’s far better in rainy season! Here’s why…

As the rain falls, the rivers rise – and this is what makes it the best time for whitewater rafting.

There are 14 river systems that start in the mountains and work their way down giving you plenty of options to choose from depending on your skills level. Whether you’re going with family, as a couple or as a seasoned professional – there’s something for everyone.

It’s worth mentioning however, the higher up you go the more difficult the rivers become. So plan accordingly!


Go Fishing

As the rain falls onto the land, it starts to push and move the wood, logs and trees into the ocean. This gives the fish structure to huddle under and provide a great place to your next catch all while exploring the waters around Costa Ricas coastlines.

Rainy season is widely considered the best time to fish for grouper, snappers and roosterfish. While offshore, yellow fin tuna, dorado and triple tails are what to look out for.


Do Some Indoor Activities

There are a whole host of indoor activities you can do in rainy season. From visiting the Jade museum in San Jose to entertaining yourself at the Bat Jungle in Monteverde – you’ll be able to find something that’s bound to make you smile, laugh, intrigued and overall enjoy your Costa Rican getaway.

Here’s a a list from Trip Advisor we recommend checking out

After a morning of activities in the sun the afternoon rain can bring a welcome break to the heat – a great way to enjoy a book and listen to the rain…

Overall, while Costa Rica’s rainy season is, well…wet (at least part of the day), there are plenty of opportunities this brings. Whether it’s taking a hike through the rainforest in July, watching turtle’s hatch in August or witnessing the migration of the southern humpback whales in September, there’s a whole array of things to do around the months of May to November.

Just be prepared. Pack suitable clothing and equipment and plan your journeys in advance. That way you’ll ensure to get the bulk of your activities done during the morning. That is, if you don’t enjoy the refreshing afternoon and evening rain showers.

And don’t forget to be… dancing in the rain.

Okay that one got cheesy. I should go now.

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