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A great way to fully experience the beautiful and unique biodiversity that Costa Rica has is undoubtedly through hanging bridges. The view you get from a hanging bridge and the exhilaration you feel walking at such heights between canopy trees have no comparison. From there, you can spot flora, fauna, and breathtaking landscapes you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Hanging bridges, also known as canopy bridges, basically resemble treetop walkways. They are metal structures hanging from tree top to tree top, land to land, or treetop to land, at usually great heights.

If experiencing hanging bridges in Costa Rica is one of the many activities you want to cross off your list on your next visit to this green country, keep reading. Here you will find the information you need to decide where to go to enjoy this beautiful experience.

The most visited locations for hanging bridges in Costa Rica are found in Arenal and Monteverde. Only 70 miles away from each other, these two places have distinct experiences to offer. In Monteverde, you will walk inside the mystical cloud forest, while in Arenal, you will enjoy the mesmerizing rainforest.

Best Hanging Bridges Tours in Monteverde

Monteverde is a little town located in Puntarenas province, in the northern region of Costa Rica. It is a relevant ecotourism destination, mainly for having the worldwide known Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and a number of other private reserves. Thousands of tourists, scientists, and nature lovers visit Monteverde every year to appreciate and learn about this magical place. Monteverde is considered a biodiversity jewel for the many different species of plants and animals it homes, some of which you will be lucky to see from up above on a hanging bridge tour.

In Monteverde, you can find the following most popular hanging bridge tours:


Skywalk at Sky Adventures Park Monteverde

Skywalk Monteverde has the longest and most noteworthy engineered suspension bridge in Costa Rica.

It consists of a light climb that takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to finish the 1.5 miles trail course. It incorporates six hanging bridges with nature trails. You can choose from a self-guided tour or a guided tour (this last you can get by paying an additional fee). You can also do tree climbing, ziplining, or an aerial tram if you want, and purchase photos or videos of your tour as all those options are available at this park. The Skywalk rates are $41 per adult and $28 per kid. The magical adventure of strolling deep into the one-of-a-kind cloud forest of Monteverde awaits you here.


Hanging Bridge Tour at 100% Aventura Adventure Park

This hanging bridge adventure tour is a guided experience that will allow you to acquire knowledge about Costa Rica’s native flora while what would feel like walking on top of canopy trees.

Traveling the two miles of trails takes an approximate duration of 2 hours, and it is a combination of eight bridges and nature trails. Kids ages 4 to 12 years old pay $34, while adults, including teenagers 12 years old and up, pay $40. Children under the age of 4 have free entrance. This tour includes transportation. 


Treetop walkways at Selvatura Park

The Treetop walkway suspension bridge or Canopy walkway tour at Selvatura Park is your best bet for viewing the Monteverde cloud forest landscape.

This self-guided tour gives you the chance to explore a mesmerizing lush cloud forest along a trail with eight bridges of varying sizes and heights. You will get up close to treetops and give your lungs the gift of breathing the purest air ever.

The price for adults (18 years old and up) is $39, students (13 to 17 years old) pay $33, and the rate for children (4 to 12 years old) is $28.

While the tour includes transportation, it is recommended that you drive directly to the park if possible. Since the shuttle has to make multiple stops at different locations to pick up passengers, this can easily take at least 90 minutes of your time.

Top Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica: Arenal Tours

Arenal is located in La Fortuna town, in the province of Alajuela. It is famous for its many hot springs and for having one of the most iconic and perfect volcanoes in Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano. However, another reason why this gem is highly visited by nationals and tourists is for its fantastic rainforest, canopy tours, local wildlife, and hanging bridge tours.


Skywalk Arenal at Arenal Sky Adventures Park

You can find the Arenal Sky Adventures Park west of downtown La Fortuna. The tour takes about 3 hours to go over the Sky Walk hanging bridges and an exciting hike deep in the rainforest on a 2.5 miles circuit trail. The trails incorporate a few lopsided surfaces and a few risings and drops. The rates for the Skywalk Hanging Bridges tour are $41 for adults, $33 for students, and $28 for kids. At this park, you also have the choice to combine the suspension bridge experience with either ziplining/ rainforest canopy, an aerial tram, or rafting. Prices will vary depending on the packages.


Hanging Bridges at Mistico Park

Mistico Park is located just 1.24 miles east of the Lake Arenal dam. Mistico Arenal hanging bridges is a self-guided tour. Here you will have the freedom to enjoy at your own pace the wonderful richness of trees, plants, and wildlife while crossing 15 bridges, 6 of which are hanging bridges.

The hike in this park takes about 2.5 hours, and from here, you will have great views of Lake Arenal as well as the gorgeous Arenal volcano. An added advantage of this park is that wheelchairs are accessible through a stroller, these can be rented there for an additional fee. A previous reservation is mandatory to enjoy the park. The entrance fee is $19.45 for teenagers (11-18 years old), $26.86 for adults (19-64 years old), $24.08 for seniors (65 years old and up), and free for children (0-10 years old), another great advantage of this park, especially if you are traveling with kids!

Final recommendation

The weather both in Monteverde and Arenal is generally pleasant all year long. However, no matter whether you visit during the dry season (November to April) or rainy season (May to October), it tends to be humid, especially in Monteverde, due to its height and equatorial climate. It is always recommended to wear waterproof/warm clothing as well as closed/hiking shoes during the tours.

Costa Rica hanging bridges translate into a magical adventure. Enjoying the high view that usually only birds have while strolling deep into the amazing biodiversity of either the wonderful cloud or rainforest is something you should not allow yourself to miss.

Interesting facts

What is the longest hanging bridge in Costa Rica?

The longest hanging bridge in Costa Rica is at Skywalk Monteverde at 774 feet long 

What is the tallest hanging bridge in Costa Rica?

The tallest hanging bridge in Costa Rica is one located at Skywalk Monteverde, which is 230 feet above the ground.

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