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You should definitely visit Costa Rica. This article explores several reasons why “visit Costa Rica” should be on your bucket list. Read on to discover the many wonderful attributes that make Costa Rica a “must-see-experience” before it is too late to go anywhere!

We are all only here on this earth for a limited amount of time, and time itself really does fly by.  Most of us are stuck “head-down” in the daily grind and by the time we look up, we are 80 years old!  Don’t let this happen to you… get on a plane and visit Costa Rica as soon as you can.

I am hopeful that this article might help you rearrange your priorities and work-life balance so that you can actually put a visit to Costa Rica on your bucket list.

For me, one thing that I realize when I think about this stuff is that I spend way too much time working and worrying about work – I myself need better work-life balance.

And while I don’t exactly have a bucket list that I could name right here and now, there are some things that I would really like to see and do while I’m still young and healthy.

My Costa Rican Dream Vacation

One of the things I really want to do — no, more than that – experience – is to visit Costa Rica.  I mean, yeah, the people are friendly, lodgings are affordable, the scenery is beautiful, the weather is great –and no matter what your interests are, there’s TONS of stuff to do while you visit Costa Rica.

If you are like me, then you are an inner-city dweller. While I do like living in the city, I long to visit Costa Rica so I can experience a tropical rain forest first hand. I want to climb a volcano, settle into a luxurious hot spring and feel the talcum powder sand between my toes. I want to bathe under the magnificent waterfalls, scamper across the many hanging bridges high above the jungle among the exotic birds, monkeys, and other wild life.

Can you imagine a more serene way to unwind than by overlooking the tranquil waters where the whales and dolphins play?  Or seeing the rays dance into the sky… that would be amazing!

There you have it… Costa Rica is just not like other places.  It’s a different world all unto its own, where you will be served food and drinks that you have never tasted before. You will see wildlife and scenery that you have never seen before. Many new adventures ready to explore.

Take some time looking online and learning all you can about Costa Rica. You will seriously blown away. I have never seen such a unanimous collection of recommendations for anywhere else… I am so excited to visit Costa Rica!

So, what are some reasons to visit Costa Rica? Let’s take a look at a few:

Don’t sleep on the dormant volcanoes

Did you know Costa Rica has six active and over sixty dormant volcanoes? Arenal is the most popular volcano to visit and offers amazing guided tours. Your day will be as rich with adventures as you can handle.


Friendly people

Costa Rica is one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America, in large part because of its tourism industry. However, keep in mind that compared to Western standards, Costa Ricans live a very modest lifestyle.

They are a very friendly, polite and educated people that love to meet visitors from around the world.

These cops protect and serve, but also give out tickets to parties! Read on to learn more.

Talking about friendly: here is a true story that has happened to my friend Kenneth when he visited Costa Rica for the first time. He was stopped by the local police and was already worried, thinking “Oh, here we are with our first shakedown!”

The officer approached the car asking for what Kenneth believed to be his license and registration. Kenneth responded with “No hablo Español.”

You wouldn’t believe what happened next! The police officer yelled with a big toothy smile: “Oh, tourista! Welcome to Costa Rica!”, and then proceeded to give Kenneth and his wife an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party.


When you visit Costa Rica, try using Spanish words and expressions in your conversations. The locals will love you even more for that.


Affordable lodgings

There’s plenty to see and do on Costa Rica’s interior. Nonetheless, it’s true that most visitors want to spend at least a few days on the beaches as well.

The beaches at Playa Flamingo (Flamingo Beach), Potrero, Reserva Conchal and Playa Conchal, are particularly popular.

All these locations are in Guanacaste Province, on the northwest coast, and there are plenty of resorts at which to stay. You can enjoy the white beaches, clear blue water, tropical jungle nearby, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking – it’s all there, waiting for you.

Staying at a beautiful private vacation homes should be on everybody’s bucket list. There are options available for every budget, too.


Beautiful scenery

When you visit Costa Rica you will experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tropical jungle reserves protect thousands of species of birds and animals. Take a tour and see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat.

Relax at the white sand beaches of Guanacaste. Watch fishing and pleasure boats out on the water. Take your kids swimming and canoeing, hiking and horseback riding.

The possibilities are endless.


Great weather

Costa Rica is awesome to visit all year around. Every season has something else to offer – a different face – and all of them are beautiful. While the green season is gorgeous due to all the plants that is decorating the landscapes ant the much higher activity of the exotic animals, the dry season from December to April is the peak tourist season.

Make your reservations early for resorts in Playa Flamingo, Potrero, Reserva Conchal and Playa Conchal in particular, just because those locations are so popular.

As with any other location you visit, the prime tourist season does cost a bit more than off-season. Having said that, lodgings are still affordable. But if you’re on a strict budget, try to visit Costa Rica during the green season, from May to November. It’s off-peak, so lodgings are even more affordable.

However, there’s a chance of a few showers – usually in the evening. You’ll still have lots of sunshine during the day though.


Pura Vida

When you visit Costa Rica, you will hear the expression „Pura Vida!“ pretty much everywhere. It’s about no worries, the good life, and relaxation. In Costa Rica time is not a priority. Consciously enjoy every single moment.

Ticos and Ticas (how Costa Ricans refer to themselves) also understand a philosophy of brotherhood, perseverance, and good spirits as the concept of Pura Vida.

This might be the reason why it is also used when expressing gratitude. As the Pura Vida will allow you to actually count your blessings and cherish the moment. This is my personal interpretation though so I might be wrong.

What I’m probably not wrong about though, is that slowing down life is exactly what us city dwellers need. Hit the brakes. Take your time, there is no rush for once.

Greet the Costa Ricans with Pura Vida and they will know: this person gets it, they understand what we are about. And just be a Tico or Tica for some time.


Costa Rica for kids

Costa Rica offers a myriad of activity and sightseeing possibilities that are suited for children. Teenagers can have the time of their lives there, doing canopy tours, kite surfing, or other spectacular activities.

Babies and small children will enjoy the various zoos, or animal houses, where they can see frogs, reptiles, bats, butterflies, or hummingbirds.

There are many adventure tours that are kid friendly. Ziplining, hiking in the tropical rainforest, and even ATVing with Dad are good choices. Time spent with family at awesome vacation rentals with private pools will make this an incredibly memorable trip.

The big fully equipped kitchen in your holiday homes can be utilized to cook with the whole family. There are always lots of supermarkets close-by, so that shopping’s not a problem. If you don’t feel like it, some rental properties offer concierge service similar to the best hotels.

Awesome restaurants serve typical Costa Rican food as well as excellent sea food in general. If you want to get a cheap deal and taste some local cuisine, visit the so called “sodas” that serve exactly that.

Summary: Great times ahead

Putting Costa Rica on your bucket list is a no-brainer. It offers endless possibilities for exotic adventures and fun activities that pull you out of your daily routine and throw you into a different world for you to conquer.

There are beaches, mountains, oceans, tropical forests and volcanoes to be explored – what more could a traveler ask for?

Delicious food, friendly people and nice weather are waiting for us, in a place where the whole world slows down a bit, a place that gives you the chance to put things into perspective, reflect and reenergize.

Whole-heartedly embrace the Pura Vida – the pure life, the simple life, and remember what this it is all about – your loved ones, your favorite food, and fun.

The more you know before you go, the easier you’ll be able to plan a wonderful vacation. You know that old Greek saying: “The one who books early might get a discount!”.

Well it’s not old, and it’s not Greek, but it’s true.

Kenny from specialplacesofcostarica.com has arranged a nice vacation rental for me and a few close friends.  Check out the various beachfront homes, mountain view condos, or private villas with beautiful pools that are available to rent all year ’round.

Contact directly or book online and so that everything is perfectly set up for you, once make your trip to Costa Rica.

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