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Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world, not only for having a large number and variety of flora and fauna but mainly for all the conservation efforts made to protect and preserve its biodiversity, treasuring it as gold. There are currently 169 protected wilderness areas in Costa Rica (including national parks, the best wildlife sanctuaries in Costa Rica, reserves and conservation regions), meaning that around 28% of the national territory is under some category of protection.

In this article, we will present basic information about some of the most relevant animal rescue centers or wildlife sanctuaries in Costa Rica.

Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the province of Puntarenas, there is Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a place devoted to providing a secure retreat to Costa Rican wildlife that has suffered due to human intervention. Deforestation, hunting, habitat loss, illegal pet trade, and disrespect to the environment are only some of the horrible actions that have caused many animals to be expelled from their natural environment suffering loss and damage. Natuwa offers them a place to live by providing the appropriate care and assistance they need. If, after a while, they are fully recovered and ready to return to their habitat, then they are sent back. If not, they stay in the sanctuary to be looked after.

You can see parrots, like these, at the Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Natuwa Wildlife Sanctuary houses over 200 macaws and exotic parrots, as well as mammals such as spider monkeys, tapirs, sloths, and jaguars, among others. They have a volunteer program that you can be a part of.


The Sloth Institute

As the name itself suggests, this institution concentrates all its conservation efforts on sloths’ rescue, rehab, release, and care. With an astonishing number of over 400 sloths rescued, this place has made a huge difference in helping this iconic Costa Rican animal survive.

The Sloth Institute is a great place to see the four-legged creatures during your time in Costa Rica.

The sloth institute is located in Manuel Antonio, and they have 4 different programs designed to educate visitors and support the center’s needs. You can help this institute in many ways, symbolically adopting, volunteering, or buying some of its products. You can find such items here.


Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Rescate is another nonprofit organization dedicated to providing protection and rehabilitation to a wide variety of animals. They have permanent staff and veterinary care available to the injured animals they rescue and support. This center has no limits in terms of the species they welcome and protect, from jaguars, all types of birds, reptiles, monkeys, sloths, ocelots, …think of any tropical animal…you will surely see it there. With more than 30 years of service to the Costa Rican fauna, this place provides education to visitors of all ages and welcomes volunteers all year long. They also have a gift shop and a restaurant inside the facility to make your stay a welcome one.

The Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is a great place to see big cats, like jaguars and ocelots!


Diamante Animal Sanctuary

Situated in Guanacaste province, inside Diamante Eco Adventure Park is Diamante Animal Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica is known for its elite living space plans that address the requirements of every species it holds. If you want to have a little adventure (ziplining, horseback riding, ATV tours, etc.) and also get to know this beautiful animal refuge, then you can find it all here.

The Diamante Animal Sanctuary is a great place to see animals in Guanacaste, but also a fabulous spot for ziplining, horseback riding, ATV tours, and other fun activities.


Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

With more than 17 years of experience rescuing wild animals in Costa Rica, this center located in the province of Alajuela receives injured wildlife with the clear purpose of helping them recover and be successfully returned to their habitats if they are in the condition to do so. More than 100 animals have made their way to this sanctuary, which has given them a second chance. They offer daily tours that take about 1 hour, and all the money raised is available for the maintenance of the center. Here there is more info about the tours.


Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is another non-profit association with the sole mission of rescuing, protecting, and rehabilitating Costa Rica’s precious fauna. They have around-the-clock veterinarians devoted to the well-being of injured animals that are brought to the center. If these animals cannot return to the wild for any reason, they are kept safe in great conditions suitable for their absolute welfare. This beautiful sanctuary is located in Puntarenas province.

The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to see exotic animals nursed back to life.


Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Piedras Blancas National Park on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. This rescue center employs people committed to the cause of restoring Costa Rica’s wild animals and also opens its doors to volunteers willing to help with this lovely mission. This sanctuary has managed to work wisely with the local community, nearby businesses, and the government to enhance its impact. Besides donating money or time, you also have the option of checking their wishlist. This is a compilation of items they need for the center, so you can also help by donating any of them. Feel free to check their wishlist here.

If you want to help baby sloths like this one and other animals be nursed back to life, you should visit the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary.


Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary

Sibu is a permanent home for wildlife that has been rescued and cannot go back to their environment. It is located in the province of Guanacaste, and it offers its visitors a beautiful experience where they can learn a lot about the species living there. Sibu cares immensely about providing animals with an environment that is as similar as possible to their natural habitats. They are in constant collaboration with specialists that advise them on how to better meet the needs of each animal. Sibu Wildlife sanctuary is a vivid, instructive experience and an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a beautiful little paradise.

All of these wonderful wildlife sanctuaries are spread in different locations in Costa Rica, and they are without a doubt worthy of the highest admiration as their work is selfish and beyond noble. Their conservation efforts support Costa Rica’s biodiversity and world heritage.

You can be a part of this amazing and never-ending mission by donating either time or money. Every wildlife sanctuary is in need of support to keep its awesome work going. We assure you that any contribution will not only make a big difference but will also surely make your heart warmer.


Stay with Special Places of Costa Rica During Your Visit to Costa Rica

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