Dining & Restaurants in Brasilito

Visitors can savor a broad selection of dining options in the charming seaside hamlet of Playa Brasilito. Here you can find a little bit of everything, from local dishes in a rustic restaurant to international cuisine at a beachfront dining establishment. One thing is for sure, your palate will be satisfied either way.
There are alternatives for every taste and budget in Playa Brasilito, making it a perfect place to get acquainted with the local culture and taste fresh food. You’re likely to find something to suit your tastes, whether you’re searching for a fast snack or a leisurely supper.
Casual Dining
Fully indulge in the wonderful experience of savoring delicious meals at Playa Brasilito’s casual dining establishments while you relax in a welcoming setting.
Beachfront Restaurants
Let yourself be surprised by pleasant flavors and creative dishes while you enjoy the spectacular views of the sea in the beachfront restaurants of Playa Brasilito.
Sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of authentic Costa Rican coffee surrounded by the area’s incredible tropical settings.
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Frequently Asked Questions
about Restaurants in Brasilito

Yes, most restaurants in Playa Brasilito offer vegan options.
Depending on the kind of restaurant and the food you order, the cost of a meal in Playa Brasilito can vary. However, the average price range for a meal is $10 to $30 per person.
Reservations are not always required at Playa Brasilito restaurants, but it is highly recommended to make one, better be safe than sorry!
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