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Dining & Restaurants in Playas del Coco

Dining at El Coco is like immersing yourself into a pleasant culinary experience full of a variety of flavors, trends, and possibilities. As a popular tourist destination, El Coco is home to a great selection of restaurants, cafes and bars that can suit all tastes and price ranges.
Traditional Costa Rican food, rich foreign cuisine, ocean-fresh seafood, charming cafes stocked with pastries, and much more is part of what you can find in El Coco. Prepare your taste buds and get ready to sample delicious dishes from a range of fantastic restaurants.
Fine Dining
Fine dining restaurants at El Coco offer a fusion of culinary experience, refined atmosphere and high quality service, which together conspire to ensure an exceptional dining experience during your stay in Costa Rica.
Casual Dining
Savor a delicious meal in a comfortable and welcoming setting while taking in the vibrant energy of El Coco.
Discover the cozy and inviting ambiance of cafes in El Coco where you can relax, indulge in delicious treats, and enjoy a cup of the best coffee you have ever tried.
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Popular Playas del Coco Restaurants

The lovely seaside town of Playas del Coco is a foodie’s paradise because it offers a wide variety of gastronomic experiences. There are many popular restaurants in Playas del Coco that can satisfy any palate while offering a wonderful experience, whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee, casual dining, or a fancy dining extravaganza.

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Our Favorite Restaurants

Indulge in the culinary delights of Playas del Coco as we share the personal favorites of our staff at Special Places, offering a delightful guide to the finest restaurants in the region.


Frequently Asked Questions
about Restaurants in Playas del Coco

The majority of restaurants in Playas del Coco accept credit cards, but it’s a good idea to carry some cash around—especially for smaller restaurants or street food vendors who might only take cash.
Fresh and delectable seafood options are abundant at Playas del Coco. Some of the top seafood restaurants are The Lookout, Zi Lounge, La Dolce Vita, El Ancla, and Coconutz Sports Bar, to name a few.
Several restaurants in Playas del Coco cater to food allergies and dietary restrictions. It is recommended to inform the waiters/waitresses about your special needs so that they can offer the best solutions.
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