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Playas del Coco is one of the most upbeat, touristic beach towns in Costa Rica. It is strategically located about 24 miles from Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste, and only 25 minutes away from Daniel Oduber International Airport. When it comes to places to eat in Playas del Coco, you have nothing to worry about. There are a lot of different restaurants in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, which will make it hard for you to decide where to go, which will end up being your only concern.

Reading the summary below will give you an idea of the culinary experiences that awaits you in Playas del Coco.

Everybody likes to taste great food, especially when getting to a new location, that is part of the charm of traveling. A good overall experience is a combination of several factors and food is without question one of them. Playas del Coco has at your disposal many good restaurants, but here there are our recommendations.

Whether you love to enjoy a big breakfast, like this one, or a fancy upscale dinner, you can find all that (and more!) in Playas del Coco!

Fine Dining

If you are in the mood to enjoy a more sophisticated ambiance we suggest you visit the following places:


Che Sirloin

Che Sirloin is an Argentinian Steakhouse with a cozy terrace and welcoming indoor dining. You can find it in a Commercial Center called El Pueblito Sur, in Las Palmas, Playas del Coco. The quality of the meat is quite good as is the presentation of their dishes. They also have vegan options for those who don’t eat meat. Prices are accessible and the staff is always ready to offer good customer service. Che Sirloin tends to get very crowded so making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.


Villa Italia

Founded in 2003, Villa Italia has 20 years of offering its visitors world-class Italian food. It is known for impeccable traditional Italian cuisine using high-quality products from Costa Rica. Classic decor in a lovely atmosphere and staff committed to providing the best experience to its customers is what you can find in this unique restaurant. Villa Italia is perfect for lunch, a fancy dinner, or a romantic date night.

Villa Italia is a great restaurant in Playas del Coco that is perfect for lunch, dinner, or a romantic date night.


Santorini Greek Restaurant

Featuring unique greek dishes, Santorini is a great place to try Mediterranean delicacies. Anything from traditional appetizers to grilled meats, local seafood, tasty salads, and scrumptious desserts will surprise you and delight your palate. Portions are generous, so we advise you to head there with a good appetite. Santorini can be found on the main street of Playas del Coco.


Mar Azul Restaurant

A great restaurant with magnificent fresh seafood where you can enjoy fine dining is Mar Azul. A nice atmosphere, delicious dishes, and great service come together harmoniously to provide an unforgettable culinary experience. Known for serving the best lobster in Costa Rica, Mar Azul never disappoints no matter what you choose to order. Prices aren’t the cheapest, however, it is totally worth it. The food is so great, you will want to go back for more.

Get a delicious seafood platter like this one with shrimp, lobster, and clams at Mar Azul.


La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is a beautiful Italian restaurant with a relaxing outdoor terrace (villa-style setting) as well as cozy indoor sitting that makes its visitors feel at home. The delicious variety of pasta, pizza, and many other Mediterranean dishes will allow you to taste the best of Italian gastronomy. Visitors tend to go back, so that can give you an idea of how good this restaurant is.

Casual Dining

For those preferring a relaxing mood and looking for a laid-back, casual atmosphere we recommend these restaurants.


The Lookout

Somehow when you are at the beach you cannot help but crave seafood, and if that is your case, then you need to visit The Lookout Bar and Restaurant. Located on the top floor of Hotel Chantel, 21 miles from Playas del Coco, this restaurant might have one of the best views in the area (why it is most recommended to visit in daylight). They offer a good variety of fresh seafood that makes your mouth water just by reading the menu. Avocado fries, octopus burger, lobster grilled cheese sandwich, tuna poke nachos, and smoked salmon crostini are just a few of the tasteful dishes you can treat yourself to while being blown away by the gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean from up above.

The Lookout Bar and Restaurant is a great place for drinks and appetizers where the views are as good as the food!


Numu Taproom & Bistro

Located in Pacifico Village, Suite C7, Numu Taproom & Bistro by Chef Nicolas Devenelle is one of those places you cannot afford to skip, especially if you like unique craft beer and top-quality food to accompany it. French Chef Nicolas Devenelle makes sure every dish cooked under his roof is worth your time and exceeds the expectation of the most demanding palate. Tapas, kids menu, original brews, delicious drinks, and a good selection of desserts await you in this restaurant where local products are transformed into delightful food you will enjoy.

Numu Taproom and Bistro is a laid-back place where you can enjoy a brew (or two!) with friends.


Best Burger Costa Rica 

Best Burger Costa Rica not only has the best burgers in town but other types of fast food favorites that will make your tummy smile, such as buffalo wings, nachos, hot dogs, french fries, milkshakes, sundaes, and ice cream. There are also salads, falafel, and sandwiches for those wanting healthier options. Best Burger Costa Rica is situated in La Chorrera, Plaza Costa Mar, in Playas del Coco downtown.

Best Burger is a great spot in Playas del Coco for fast food favorites, like wings, nachos, hot dogs, and, of course, burgers!


Zi Lounge

If you are in the mood for partying then you need to get to Zi Lounge. Conveniently located just a block away from the beach, Zi Lounge offers a variety of options for lunch, dinner, or just drinks and snacks if that is what you are in the mood for. They have several flat screens where you can watch different games, and it usually has live music. At Zi Lounge they host several events and theme parties that you are welcome to join. If you would like them to help you plan a particular event such as a birthday party, or any other private gathering, they can surely assist you.

Coffee Time


Java Coffee Co.

If you want to taste delicious, traditional Costa Rican coffee served fresh, you need to stop by Java Coffee Co. This casual and cozy coffee shop can be found in Pueblito Norte, La Chorrera Road. It serves delicious breakfasts including waffles, bagels, paninis, egg muffins, and fruit salads. You can also try any of their savory smoothies and protein shakes as well as their many options for hot and cold coffee.


Cafe Corazon

Another fantastic place to enjoy a good cup of coffee is Cafe Corazon, situated a few meters from the beach. Besides coffee, they have rich pastries, assorted dishes, and healthy smoothies. The decoration of the place is colorful and the atmosphere is pleasant, they have comfortable chairs and armchairs, and good attention. If you visit Cafe Corazon, you can expect nothing but a great time.

In Playa del Coco Restaurants you will find world-class food prepared with both local and imported products that will satisfy any cravings, a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, and outstanding customer service. From international gastronomy to typical Costa Rican dishes and drinks, you will be surprised with every bite you take. For proximity to these restaurants in Playas del Coco, stay in one of our nearby vacation rentals or beachfront homes from Special Places of Costa Rica!

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