Best Things to Do in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

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Las Catalinas is a beach town in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, that offers fabulous dining, shopping, hotels, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy the stunning natural scenery.

If you plan to spend some time in Las Catalinas during your trip to Costa Rica, discover all the best things to do in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, to make your vacation memorable and fun.


Playa Danta

Playa Danta (Danta Beach) is the main beach at Las Catalinas. Playa Danta is a popular destination for surfing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, and boogie boarding.

Playa Danta is the main beach in Las Catalinas, and it offers plenty of fun things for visitors to do!

And if you don’t have any gear for water sports — don’t worry. You can rent all the equipment you need and schedule lessons from Pura Vida Guide right on the beach.


Playa Dantita

Playa Dantita (Dantita Beach) is a smaller beach than Playa Danta, and it can only be reached by embarking on a short hike through the rainforest. However, this beach is gorgeous and offers stunning views along the way. When you arrive, you may have the entire beach to yourself!

Playa Danita is a more difficult beach to reach, but the secluded nature of the beach makes it beautiful.


Mountain Biking

If you love mountain biking, you are in for a treat. Las Catalinas offers over 22 miles of world-class, single-track mountain biking trails that are sustainably built with a moderate grade.

While riding, you can admire the stunning foliage and the native wildlife in Las Catalinas, including monkeys, deer, and exotic birds. You can rent a mountain bike from Pura Vida Ride in the center of Las Catalinas before embarking on your adventure or hire a guide for a tour of the trails in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica.

There are miles and miles of fabulous mountain biking trails to explore in Las Catalinas.



If hiking or trail running is more your speed, you will be pleased to learn there are six gorgeous hiking trails in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica.

Exploring the trails in Las Catalinas is a great way to enjoy the gorgeous terrain.

The easiest trail in Las Catalinas, Punta Penca, is a 1.3-kilometer trail that snakes along Playa Danta and the Las Catalinas Beach Club. The three moderate trails, Playa Dantita Loop, Punta Guachipelines Loop, and La Cresta Loop, are located on the western side of Las Catalinas and range in length from 2.3–4.3 kilometers.

Mc Henry Peak Loop, located at the center of Las Catalinas, is a steep, short, and challenging climb to the top of Mc Henry Peak. El Cielo Loop, located on the east side of Las Catalinas, is the most difficult trail at 12.5 kilometers long with a 200-meter elevation gain.


Las Catalinas Beach Club

Las Catalinas Beach Club is a fun destination for families to enjoy in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica. At the Beach Club, you will find a lap pool, lounging pool, plunge pool, and kids’ pool, as well as a cocktail bar, restaurant, and exercise room with cardio and weightlifting equipment.

Las Catalinas Beach Club is a fabulous place to hang out with friends and family of all ages.



While wandering around town, there are a couple of great places to shop for clothes, furniture, and accessories in Las Catalinas.

Las Catalinas is one of the best places for luxury and high-end shopping in Costa Rica.

If you want beachwear, clothing, and accessories, check out the attractive options at Las Catalinas Collection. Chunches Consignment, located right next to Santarena Hotel, is a consignment store that sells luxury clothes and household items. D-Aquí Design Studio sells handmade furniture, kitchenware, linens, and other furnishings.



Las Catalinas offers several spectacular restaurants, cocktail bars, breakfast joints, and bakeries you can dine at during your time in town.

Las Catalinas is filled with fabulous restaurants, so regardless of where you choose to dine, you are sure to be met with a great meal!

Grab a craft beer at Papagayo Brew House, enjoy some upscale Mediterranean cuisine at Ponciana, or enjoy a romantic dinner with spectacular sunset views at Sentido Norte. You can even enjoy artisan ice cream and Belgian waffles for dessert at Coquelicot!


Day Trips

Though there are plenty of things to do in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, to keep you busy for days, you should take advantage of the chance to explore some of the nearby destinations in Costa Rica and along the Guanacaste Coast.

Aside from exploring Las Catalinas, you can also embark on a day trip to some of the fabulous nearby destinations.

Las Catalinas is next to popular beach destinations Playa Flamingo and Playas del Coco, where you can enjoy a boating excursion from the Flamingo Marina. Head to Diamante Eco Adventure Park, where you can go on ziplining, wildlife, or ATV tours, or embark on a day trip to Rincon de la Vieja National Park, where you can see the park’s stunning waterfalls, hot springs, hiking trails, and swimming holes.

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