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Las Catalinas is a one-of-a-kind, smart, sustainable buildout that has been developed in Costa Rica since 2006. Its location could not be better as it is surrounded by the tropical dry forest on one side and the North Pacific Ocean on the other. The extraordinary blend of exquisite European-like architecture and mind-blowing natural beauty is part of the charm of this unique beach town.

Everyone knows that whether it is planned or just wanted, one thing we all do when we travel is shop. For those who wonder if there are any available options for shopping in this tropical paradise, the answer is yes. Everything in this magnificent beach town was carefully planned and designed, including shopping in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, for residents and visitors alike.

In this article, we will be covering the places where you can buy groceries, retail, souvenirs, and more in Las Catalinas.


General information about Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is a beautiful 1,200 acres ocean-side village situated in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, specifically on Playa Danta. It aims to promote a healthy, well-balanced, rewarding, and enjoyable lifestyle like no other town in the country. In there, you can find anything from beautifully built houses, resorts, flats, a beach club, swimming pools, shops, and restaurants, all surrounded by spectacular ocean views and hiking trails.

This amazing beach town with panoramic views has the particularity of not allowing cars inside, as it was built to be adapted to people only. There are unique public spaces made of pebbles that are interspersed with fountains and impressive courtyards that invite you to experience nature at a different level.

The restaurants, resorts, and shopping options inside the property are within walking distance. You will only need a car to get there, or if you want to leave Las Catalinas to visit nearby destinations such as Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo, Playa del Coco, and others.


Getting to Las Catalinas

You can get to Las Catalinas by either renting a car, taking an Uber, a taxi, or a shuttle previously arranged by the town’s concierge (you can do so through this email The path leading to this paradise is fully paved, and it is about one hour away from Liberia International Airport. Just be aware that if you choose to rent a car you will have to leave it in a parking lot at the entrance of Las Catalinas.


Shopping in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

Copper & Stone

Copper & Stone is a unique market with a varied offering of gourmet food, strategically situated in the middle of town. The delicious contributions of this dynamic foodie heaven go from organic fruit and vegetables to local and imported groceries, meat and poultry, baked goods, high-quality coffee, rich smoothies, gluten-free products, deli, breakfast packages, weekly special menus, and more.

Copper & Stone is known for its special wine cellar with an ambitious collection of more than 200 exquisite samples from all over the world.

Chunches Consignment

Chunches Consignment is a special place with a metropolitan city vibe where you can hang out, chat, and shop for consigned luxury items hard to find anywhere else.

The word “chunche” is a Costa Ricanism considered one of the most colorful and folkloric terms in the “Tico dictionary”. It is a word that locals use to call any object or thing that may have forgotten its name or prefer to ignore it. That being said, at Chunches people have a different option to ordinary shopping where they can buy an item consigned or donated by someone else.

If you would like to consign any valuable item, you fill out a form, the product is examined, a price is agreed upon, and then it is put up for sale; 60% of the total sale goes to the former owner of the item while 40% goes to Chunches.

Las Catalinas Collection

This is a stylish beachwear store designed to suit life in Las Catalinas, where you will get your ideal outfit for any occasion and time of the day.

They have at your disposal dresses, trousers, blouses, hats, jewelry, swimsuits, shorts, activewear, shoes, and bags. You can also find items with Costa Rican phrases as well as exclusive designs that will make a great souvenir.

In this store, fashion meets style. When you visit it you will realize that everything there is unique and carries the vibe that is breathed in Las Catalinas.

D-Aqui Design Studio

D-Aqui, meaning “from here” is a studio owned by a Costa Rican architect with vast international experience. This shop highlights interesting and legitimate designs found in Costa Rica through the work of native artisans. The unique handmade furniture, art, and decoration accessories you can in this design studio reflect the way of life and customs of the surrounding area.

From a rustic wooden table to paintings depicting native Costa Rican animals, lamps, vases, cushions, and much more, it’s just some of what you can expect to find at this creatively-packed shop.

Pura Vida Ride

Pura Vida Ride is a full-range store offering a variety of products that will make your experience in Las Catalinas much more enjoyable and fun. Here you can find both local products as well as renowned international brands like Patagonia, Rip Curl, Camelbak, Shimano, Trek, Specialized, and many more.

The different products you can find in this shop are:

  • Bikes (for rent or buy), bike parts, bike accessories, helmets, and sunglasses.
  • SUP (Stand up Paddle boarding) and its accessories.
  • Clothes. Cycling jerseys, tank tops, caps, shorts, swimsuits, sunglasses, and other accessories suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Food and drinks.

Costa Rica has incredible destinations to explore, and Las Catalinas is one of them. This beautiful 100% pedestrian beach town on the Guanacaste coast offers a unique experience where you go back to basics and in complete harmony with the environment. Staying active while walking through this dreamy town certainly promotes a healthier way of life.

Shopping in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, will become part of the unforgettable experience of finding everything you need while embracing the Costa Rican culture as well as its worldwide renowned biodiversity. Come here and expect to have a lot of fun shopping in the company of stunning sunsets and perfect weather most of the year.

If you need guidance and information related to vacation rentals in Las Catalinas, feel free to contact our helpful concierge team.

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