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If you have ever wondered if there is a place in Costa Rica that combines spectacular architecture and ecological sustainability, you can rest assured that there is, and it is called Las Catalinas. Las Catalinas development Costa Rica is one of a kind new beach town situated in the middle of two beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, Playa Danta and Playa Dantita. Surrounded by a tropical dry forest in the province of Guanacaste and wonderful panoramic ocean views, this place offers a surreal experience.

Keep reading to be introduced to one of the most amazing tropical villages Costa Rica has at your disposal.


Beautiful Architecture

According to famous Notre Dame School of Architecture Professor Douglas Duany, Las Catalinas is one of the most significant and attractive ocean-side towns in the globe. Resembling old villages in Europe with adorable pedestrian streets, it will be impossible to miss the beautiful architecture of this place.

Beautiful architecture overlooking the ocean in Las Catalinas Costa Rica
Las Catalinas is known for its stunning architecture!

The architectural style of Las Catalinas fuses elements of New Urbanism with a traditional design that incorporates many foreign influences. Its design plan presents views of the forest and the sea, creating areas where residents and visitors can walk, meet and enjoy. This has been achieved under the inspiration of assertive elements used in the hillside cities and seaside towns that dot the Mediterranean landscape from Italy to France.

At Las Catalinas, every house, plaza, and building is different, each with a particular set of features, architectural decisions, and construction materials. As a result, every home, commerce, and corner in town gains a more intimate and unique atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression.


Green City

Helping people live in perfect harmony with nature is one of Las Catalinas’s goals. A wonderful feature that makes this beach town so refreshing is precisely the innumerable amount of spaces filled with the majestic flora of Costa Rica. Everywhere you look, you will find carefully selected plant species that immerse you in a natural paradisiacal environment.

Walking among nature helps you connect with it and immediately helps you recharge your energies. It is evident at first glance that Las Catalinas’ dedication to nature remains one of its founding principles.


Car Free Village

A particular and extreme design choice made at Las Catalinas as part of its sustainable philosophy was to forbid cars inside the property. Populated by more bikes and walkers than vehicles, Las Catalinas creates a perfect urban environment, despite the fact that it can appear like something out of a fairy tale.

A group of people walking through the streets of Las Catalinas
Since Las Catalinas is a car-free village, locals and visitors alike walk everywhere!

If you don’t know what it’s like to not depend on a vehicle to get around, the idea of ​​being in a car-free town may not be very appealing, but even residents here can confirm the relief of not having to deal with cars.

A few of the benefits this car-free initiative has for the Las Catalinas community are.


Parents certainly feel more at ease knowing their kids won’t be run over by a car, the possibility of car accidents is nil, and without a getaway vehicle, many possible crimes become relatively challenging to carry out.

A yellow children playing sign on a tree
Las Catalinas is an extremely safe location to visit in Costa Rica, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Reduced pollution

Being a smog-free town certainly has a positive impact on the environment. Cars alone generate 18% of CO2 emissions, the main gas causing the greenhouse effect. Annual carbon dioxide emissions from a typical car are around 4.6 metric tons, and in Las Catalinas, none of this is produced.

Healthy lifestyle

Everyone knows the countless health benefits of physical activity. Since at Las Catalinas, no cars are allowed, you are encouraged to move around in a way that promotes physical activity. The plentiful outdoor spaces, stair streets, hiking and biking trails, and walkable public spaces make it really easy to keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

A green forest with direction signs on a hiking trail
There are tons of hiking and biking trails in Las Catalinas to encourage you to stay active.

Savings in gasoline costs

At the present time in Costa Rica, the cost of gasoline varies from $1.39 per liter (super gasoline) to $1.25 per liter (regular gasoline) and the cost of diesel is $1.18 per liter. You will agree that a walkable town that helps you save on gasoline/diesel is not such a bad idea, isn’t it?

Parking lots available to store your car

If you are planning to visit different beaches, national parks, or locations close by you will certainly need to rent a car, which won’t represent a problem during your stay at Las Catalinas.  Both residents and visitors keep their cars at parking lots close to the main thoroughfare that runs through the town. To go to their homes or other locations in the village, individuals either walk, ride a bicycle, or hail a ride on one of their readily available electric concierge vehicles.

Designing a walkable town devoid of motor vehicles maintains a minimal carbon footprint, invites neighbors to interact in person, encourages physical activity, and enables the seamless integration of its residents and tourists with the natural world that surrounds them. A car-free village at Las Catalinas doesn’t sound bad at all, right?


Recreational facilities and outdoor activities

With so many outdoor activities available to enjoy the incredible surroundings, people who live in and visit Las Catalinas can’t help but get up early to do it all. Yoga, kayaking, swimming, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, or mountain biking are some of the options you have to be active and have a great time here. Las Catalinas is intended to be a place where you can keep or restore your sense of balance in both body and mind.

A kid wearing a blue shirt and helmet ziplining through a green rainforest
There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy in Las Catalinas, from yoga to kayaking!

Some of the recreational facilities you can find in Las Catalinas Development Costa Rica are.

Beach Club

The beach club is a beautiful building offering everything you need for recreation, exercise, and relaxation. Some of the amenities consist of a 25-meter pool with four lanes for swimming, a hot tub and a pool for adults to relax in, a play pool for children, plush chairs, a delicious restaurant, a cocktail lounge, an equipped fitness center, and more.

ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center

ConnectOcean is a local organization that works to protect, research, and preserve Costa Rica’s aquatic life. It also offers environmental education initiatives to encourage participants to discover, connect and protect our planet.

A group of five people sitting on the edge of a boat wearing swimming gear.
Learn how to swim, row, surf, or dive at the ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center.

One of ConnectOcean’s main programs is the ConnectOcean Aquatic Academy and Dive Center. Swimming classes, rowing, surfing, diving certification, and much more are offered here to people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels.

Mountain Biking in the company of Costa Rican flora and fauna

In Costa Rica, mountain biking is a very popular activity, and Las Catalinas is a favorite destination to practice this sport. It has more than 13 miles of world-class single-lane routes with different views of the coast. Encountering magnificent native plants and animals while riding the biking trails of Las Catalinas is priceless. Monkeys, coatis (relatives of the raccoon), deer, peccaries (wild pigs), and a variety of exotic birds will keep you company as you exercise on a mountain bike you can rent at Las Catalinas.

Someone who is mountain biking on a dry mountain terrain.
Las Catalinas has 13 miles of world-class mountain biking routes to explore on vacation.


Las Catalinas Development Costa Rica: Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Costa Rica has countless destinations worth visiting, and Las Catalinas is one that should be on your list. If you want to experience a way of life that is more real and authentic than many other tourist-focused places or all-inclusive resorts, you must come to this unique beach town. If you want us to help you rent an apartment or a house for your next vacation in Las Catalinas, do not hesitate to contact us!

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