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The benefit of protecting around 28% of its territory and having 5% of the world’s biological diversity has made Costa Rica a popular destination for various reasons, including hiking. This country is full of stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems that make it possible to offer visitors a variety of hiking spots that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for a nature walk, hiking tours in Costa Rica have the potential to satisfy all your preferences.

From the misty cloud forests of Monteverde to the rugged terrain of Arenal volcano and the pristine beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, our suggested hiking adventures will immerse you in the heart of this tropical wonderland. Join us on a journey through lush trails to discover the unparalleled magic of the stunning scenery of the top hiking places in Costa Rica.

Top Hiking Spots in Guanacaste

green trees with the blue ocean in the backgorund
Guanacaste offers many excellent outdoor adventures to discover Costa Rica’s beauty.

There are some fantastic hiking options in Guanacaste, a region of northwest Costa Rica renowned for its dry tropical forests, stunning beaches, unique national parks, and varied landscapes. Read below some popular hiking locations in this province:


Rio Celeste Waterfall

Waterfall going into turquoise water in Costa Rica. The waterfall is surrounded by green trees.
You can see exotic fauna on the hike to Rio Celeste Waterfall.

Hiking to the Rio Celeste Waterfall is an amazing experience that immerses tourists in Costa Rica’s enthralling natural splendor. This track, which is a part of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, travels through a lot of green rainforest and ends with an almost unbelievable sight. The Rio Celeste’s startling and surreal tone will lead you along the journey as you follow its crystal-clear waters. The forest canopy opens as you get closer to the waterfall, revealing a cascade of blue water that flows ethereally into a pristine pool below. The brilliant blue and the surrounding lush greenery create an atmosphere of unrivaled beauty.

This hike offers possibilities to see exotic fauna and marvel at the works of nature while exploring some of Costa Rica’s different ecosystems. Every step of the Rio Celeste Falls walk gets you closer to genuine natural beauty and an unforgettable experience.

To find out more information about this tour, click here.


Buena Vista Rainforest

A man going down a waterslide with a black tube and yellow helmet. The waterslide goes is surrounded by green trees.
The Buena Vista Lodge and Adventure complex offers breathtaking views along with adrenaline experiences.

This guided excursion, which is located inside the Buena Vista Lodge and Adventure complex, aims to offer a well-rounded experience that blends learning, adrenaline, and immersion in the breathtaking natural splendor of Costa Rica’s rainforests.

Walking across 12 suspended bridges through the canopy, hiking to a small waterfall, swimming in its crystal-clear waters, delighting your palate with typical Costa Rican food, reaching natural volcanic hot springs, and encountering wildlife is part of the fun that awaits you in this trekking excursion.

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Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

A woman on a hanging bridge in the middle of a rainforest.
You will have the chance to experience diverse flora and howler monkeys at Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

This breathtaking hike invites travelers to see the untamed and dramatic landscapes of Costa Rica’s Rincon de la Vieja National Park. As you travel through complex, varied ecosystems, this guided trip delivers an exhilarating contact with nature’s powers. Your knowledgeable naturalist guide will educate you about the diverse flora and wildlife along the trip, including towering trees, vivid orchids, and elusive species like coatis, howler monkeys, and more. You will see the dramatic change in the scenery as you climb one of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes, going from a lush forest to the lunar-like plain at the volcano’s peak.

Walking on the charming Las Pailas trail, the majestic Oropendola Waterfall, tranquil hot springs and volcanic mud baths, and an abundant buffet lunch are part of the itinerary that this magnificent tour has in store for you.

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Tenorio Rainforest

a man and a woman walking through a rainforest
Listen to exotic bird songs and the hum of insects as you travel through Tenorio Rainforest.

The splendor of Costa Rica’s rainforest awaits you in this guided excursion that provides a deep immersion into the jungle’s core. The symphony of exotic bird songs and the beautiful hum of insects form a wonderful soundtrack to your adventure as you travel further into the emerald green canopy. The trails run through a thick carpet of vegetation, where massive trees rise magnificently from the ground, their roots interweaving like ages-old forest keepers. Your skilled tour guide will reveal the mysteries of this diverse environment while seeing secretive animals along the route, such as sloths, howler monkeys, and vividly colorful frogs. The majestic Rio Celeste cascade, a magnificent natural creation that hypnotizes with its ethereal turquoise waters, is, without a doubt, the tour’s high point.

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Top Hiking Spots Outside of Guanacaste

There are fantastic destinations throughout Costa Rica where you can venture to have a great hike closer to San Jose; some of these are:


Monteverde Cloud Forest

A group of people walking along a hanging bridge in the rainforest in Costa Rica.
Cross swinging bridges, traverse suspension walkways, and experience the thrill of zip-lining in Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Hiking in Monteverde is an unforgettable and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurous travelers as it preserves one of the world’s most abundant and pristine ecosystems through its Cloud Forest. Local guides will take you to explore this beautiful piece of heaven, where you can see the clouds closer than you have ever before. Along the way, you’ll cross swinging bridges, traverse suspension walkways, and even indulge in thrilling zip-lining, all while surrounded by the mystical beauty of the cloud forest.

More information about this tour can be found here.


Arenal Volcano Hike

A man and a woman sitting on top of the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.
You won’t find a more perfectly shaped volcano than the Arenal Volcano!

La Fortuna is the picturesque little town in Alajuela province that is home to the colossal Arenal Volcano, one of the most perfectly shaped volcanoes you will ever see. With a variety of hikes available, which include amazing visits to the surrounding rainforest and neighboring hot springs, you may explore miles upon miles of trails and learn why Costa Rica is a paradise.

A certified guide will show you through beautiful trails to witness the striking Arenal Volcano and encounter wildlife, so be prepared to take great photos.


Manuel Antonio National Park

A man climbing up steps through trees
Immerse yourself in a kingdom of exotic wildlife and vibrant flora in Manuel Antonia National Park.

Hiking in Manuel Antonio translates into an incomparable adventure that perfectly combines the captivating beauty of Costa Rica’s tropical forests with the charm of its pristine beaches. Here, you will find yourself immersed in a kingdom where exotic wildlife and vibrant flora are your constant companions. The well-maintained trails in this national park will take you through a stunning mosaic of landscapes, from dense tropical forests echoing with the calls of howler monkeys to secluded white sand beaches lapped by the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, expert guides will share their insights, pointing out the elusive three-toed sloths, brightly colored poison frogs, deers, and a wide variety of bird species that call this park their home.

Whether you’re hiking rustic trails or ascending to scenic overlooks that offer stunning coastal views, hiking in Manuel Antonio is an enchanting blend of adventure and natural wonder that promises an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.

Best Time For Hiking Tours in Costa Rica

Person standing on the top of a mountain with their arms up in the air looking out at the view of the green mountains surrounding them.
Hiking trips in Costa Rice provide access to unparalleled natural beauty and adventure.

Although the dry season (December-April) is known to be the best time for hiking as trails are in better condition, the lush beauty of the wet season (May-November) can be equally appealing to those who don’t mind a bit of rain and mud, and always carry waterproof gear. Costa Rica’s weather can vary from year to year, so it’s always a good idea to check local weather forecasts before planning your hike.

Hiking trips in Costa Rica are a gateway to a world of adventure and unparalleled natural beauty. No matter whether you have hiking experience or not, you’ll be delighted by the diverse ecosystems, unique wildlife, and the ability to connect with Mother Nature in any of Costa Rica’s hiking trails. Contact Special Places here for help locating the best hiking opportunities in Costa Rica while having the time of your life.

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