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With its vast volcanoes, rushing rivers, deep jungles, unmatched biodiversity, great weather, and wide selection of exhilarating activities that are suitable for all interests and ability levels, Costa Rica seems to have been designed for adventure. Adventure tours in Costa Rica are unlike anything else, and the best way to confirm it is to experience it by yourself. The pursuit of adventure is not simply a hobby in Costa Rica; it is a way of life that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the exhilaration of the unknown fully.

What Makes Adventure Tours in Costa Rica Popular?

There is one thing you can be sure of when visiting Costa Rica… there is an adventure option for everyone, no matter the preference or level of adrenaline. The varied landscapes of this magical country serve as the backdrop for your trip, delivering life-changing encounters that blend the exhilaration of outdoor pursuits with the spectacular beauty of Costa Rica’s natural treasures.

Exciting Options to Choose From

The top adventure tours in Costa Rica include the exhilaration of horseback riding, the rush of whitewater rafting, the rough excitement of UTV/ATV excursions, and the soaring freedom of ziplining, among the many alternatives available to thrill-seekers. These pursuits aren’t simply exciting diversions in this alluring nation; they’re also entryways to Costa Rica’s varied nature, which ranges from lush rainforests to picturesque rivers and volcanic vistas.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting activities that Special Places has carefully selected for your enjoyment and the different tours you can choose from.


Whitewater Rafting

a group of people in a blue raft with a yellow strips going whitewater rafting
You can experience this exhilarating aquatic activity in several rivers in Costa Rica.

Whitewater rafting is an exciting adventure that takes you down swift rivers through choppy rapids and offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. This exhilarating aquatic activity blends expertise, teamwork, and a strong bond with the great outdoors. Several rivers in Costa Rica, particularly in the Guanacaste province, provide options for water rafting, and Special Places has selected three amazing tours for you.

The Tenorio River

a group of people in a dark green raft with yellow oars whitewater rafting in the Tenorio River on one of many adventure tours in Costa Rica
The Tenorio River is the most well-liked river in the Guanacaste province.

Renowned for its class III and class IV rapids, Tenorio is the most well-liked river for whitewater rafting in the area. Tenorio River offers both breathtaking whitewater and unique scenery as it passes through the beautiful Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Click here for information about this tour.

The Corobici River

Three people white water rafting down the Corobici River in an orange raft and yellow oars in Costa Rica
The Corobici River provides a serene and picturesque rafting experience.

For those looking for a more laid-back and family-friendly water adventure, the Corobici River presents a serene and picturesque rafting experience in an amazing natural setting. The Palo Verde National Park and the larger Tempisque Conservation Area comprise the Corobici River, which means that it safeguards the most significant migratory water bird nesting areas in Central America.

Learn more about this tour here.

The Colorado River

a group of people in a blue raft holding yellow oars while whitewater rafting in the Colorado River in Costa Rica
Whitewater rafting in the Colorado River will provide a challenging and adventurous experience.

This river rises inside the Rincón de la Vieja National Park. It is an excellent choice for water rafting enthusiasts seeking a more challenging and adventurous experience amidst breathtaking natural beauty and the thrill of tackling class III and IV rapids. Colorado River flows through a relatively remote and pristine wilderness area, providing a sense of isolation and adventure, making it an attractive choice for those looking to escape into the wild and experience nature at its best.

Book your Colorado Rive tour here.


UTV and ATV Tours

A line of men riding on ATVs while holding out a hand in a fist. The background is very green with lots of trees and a volcano.
Cover more ground while taking in the beautiful scenery of Costa Rica while riding an ATV.

UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, are an excellent way to explore the region’s varied landscapes and have life-changing outdoor experiences since they provide the ideal balance of adventure, scenic beauty, and cultural discovery. You can quickly cover more ground while taking in the scenery and enjoying the easy access to rough terrain and dirt trails.

To check the options that Special Places has available, click here for UTV and here for ATV tours.


Mountain Biking in Las Catalinas

Three people riding up a mountain on mountain bikes in Costa Rica. There is a small waterfall in the the background.
No matter your skill level, Las Catalinas has a trail for you!

The extraordinary blend of varied and well-maintained routes, breathtaking landscapes, and a dedication to outdoor recreation and sustainability make Las Catalinas one of Costa Rica’s best places to go mountain biking. The network of trails there caters to riders of all skill levels, from easy coastal paths to more challenging routes through lush forests and rocky terrain. The town’s commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that riders can immerse themselves in the pristine natural environment with minimal impact on the ecosystem. With breathtaking ocean views, a pleasant climate, and the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, Las Catalinas offers an all-encompassing mountain biking experience that ranks among the finest in the country.

Learn more here.


Horseback Riding

Three people horseback riding on three different horses while crossing a river
Horseback riding is a great way to view all of the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer.

One way of exploring Costa Rica’s magnificent landscapes, taking in every detail, and appreciating all its splendor is on a captivating horseback ride. This is a great option for those who, for one reason or another, cannot stand on their feet for too long but don’t want to miss all the beauty and fun Costa Rica has to offer.

Go over the details of our horseback riding tours through the combo packages below.

Combo Vacation Packages

If you have an insatiable appetite for adventure, want to explore a wide range of activities, and test your limits while having the time of your life, then your best option is to choose combo packages.

A whole day of adventure and relaxation is what you can expect to get with the combined offerings that Special Places has to offer. The available choices are mostly located near the outstanding Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, about 167 miles from San Jose. The options to choose from are:

Borinquen 4 Senses Mountain Adventure.

a woman ziplining through a jungle
Ziplining, horseback riding, and relaxing in the hot spring volcanic pool are just some of the fun activities you can do on this tour.

This destination is situated next to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park on a stunning estate, and the activities included in this package are ziplining, scenic horseback riding, a typical Costa Rican lunch, and relaxing in the hot spring volcanic pools. If this sounds enticing, click here for complete information about this vacation package.

Guachipelín Mega Combo

hot springs flowing into a river in Costa Rica
Relax in hot springs during this combo vacation package.

Get ready to experience a full-day tour that combines five unique experiences into one package, including whitewater tubing, horseback riding, canyoning, and hot springs. Learn more about this option here.

Vandará Family Adventure

a group of people riding on horses through trees in Costa Rica
Explore Costa Rica from the back of a horse on this adventurous tour!

This premier eco-adventure destination caters to families and adventure enthusiasts alike, offering a wide array of activities from horseback riding to a 400-yard waterslide to ziplining and so much more. All the details about this package can be found here.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

three toes sloth handing off a tree brand in Costa Rica
You may encounter sloths on your visit to an animal sanctuary with native Costa Rican animals.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park not only provides an exhilarating adventure but also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability, making it a must-visit attraction in Costa Rica. Many activities can be enjoyed in this location, including visiting an animal sanctuary with many native animals, a coffee, cacao or sugar cane tour, ATV, ziplining, and more. Price and other details depend on what you prefer; you can view the different tours offered here.

Costa Rica adventure tours are quite diverse, and they provide an amazing combination of excitement, stunning scenery, and cultural exposure. This enchanted paradise in Central America has made a name for itself as a premier adventure destination, with heart-pounding experiences around every corner. Whether you prefer the excitement of whitewater rafting, the tranquility of horseback riding in untouched jungles, the relaxation of hot springs, or the thrill of flying through zip-lining, you can find it all in Costa Rica. Feel free to contact us to book the right tour for you and your loved ones and help you find the perfect rental property for a vacation you will never forget.

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